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AnyPoint(TM) 11 Mbps Wireless II Network AnyPoint(TM) 11 Mbps Wireless II Network
Software Features:
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Simple 802.11b, 11 Mbps wireless networking for the home and small office
Frequently Asked Questions
System Requirements
Technical Specifications
How Do I Network My PCs?
Create your network today
AnyPoint" Wireless II Network products* allow you to create an 11 Mbps wireless network for up to 10 PCs in your home or small office. With an AnyPoint Wireless II Network, you can easily access resources on other PCs from up to 300 feet away through walls and floors. And you can build your network without the expense of a dedicated gateway or add an Intel� Wireless Gateway to your wireless adapters for always-on connections.
Here's what you'll need:
USB Model, PC Card Model USB Model PC Card Model
One AnyPoint Wireless II adapter for each PC or laptop you plan to network.
A free USB port or PC Card slot available on each computer.
At least one PC must have a CD-ROM drive to install the AnyPoint software.
*AnyPoint Wireless II products are not compatible with AnyPoint Wireless Home Network products.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
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