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Software Development Products

Software Development Products
Get a boost in performance with the Intel® Software Development Products. Our products can help developers get to market faster and improve their application's performance. Try them out now with our free evaluation versions.
Intel® Math Kernel Library for Windows*
Intel® Math Kernel Library for Windows*
Check out our newest software library offering, the Intel� Math Kernel Library version 5.2. The Intel� Math Kernel Library (MKL) provides developers of scientific and engineering software with a set of linear algebra, fast Fourier transforms and vector math functions optimized for the latest Intel� Architecture processors and is available for both Microsoft Windows* and Linux* operating systems. Try them out for yourself.
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Intel® VTune" Performance Analyzer
Intel® C++ Compiler for Windows*
Intel® Fortran Compiler for Windows*
Intel® Math Kernel Library for Windows*
Intel® C++ Compiler for Linux*
Intel® Fortran Compiler for Linux*
Intel® Math Kernel Library for Linux*
KAP/Pro" Toolset
KAI C++"
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