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About Intel Capital - Investing to grow the industry About Intel Capital - Investing to grow the industry

Intel officially formed a venture program in the early 1990s, as a way to help ensure our own ability to deliver products to our customers. We invested in a few companies whose products and services helped fill the gap in our own product line, capabilities and capacity. But our plans soon grew beyond that goal.

Intel had long been articulating the vision of how the industry could grow to attract new users and open up new uses for connected PCs. Now we began to back up that vision with financial commitments to innovative companies.

We invested in a range of Internet companies creating exciting new content and capabilities. Included are firms working to deliver more bandwidth to users and in start-ups helping to bring new industries online..


Strategic Goals

Intel Capital company selection criteria blends strategic focus with financial discipline. Intel Capital investments support Intel's mission to be the preeminent building block supplier to the worldwide Internet economy. Investments support Intel product initiatives, Intel's new business thrusts, emerging trends and worldwide Internet deployment.

Intel Capital typically invests in private companies. We contribute a portion of the funds required for them to grow from initial stages to successful IPOs or acquisitions. Intel Capital continually reviews market conditions for opportunities to sell all or part of its investments. Intel Capital may decrease its investments in some companies to recoup Intel's capital for use in making new investments.

Intel is a strategic investor and our decisions to invest in a company must satisfy a strategic goal. However, selling is done as part of prudent management of a large portfolio even though strategic activities may continue with the company following a stock sale.

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