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Intel Capital - Member Programs Intel Capital - Member Programs
Intel Capital is committed to delivering Value Beyond Equity to support the long-term success of our portfolio companies worldwide.
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This relationship may extend to:

  • Strategic relationships with other sources of financing: Portfolio companies may benefit from Intel Capital's complementary relationship with the VC industry and other corporate investors.

  • Insight into future trends: Portfolio companies may share in information about Intel Architecture roadmaps and perspectives on projected industry developments.

  • Technological assistance: Portfolio companies may work with Intel labs on cutting-edge technology issues, together driving the development of industry standard solutions.

  • Worldwide infrastructure: Portfolio companies may work with the Intel Capital team positioned around the world on promising new investment possibilities.

  • Visibility: Portfolio companies, through the Intel Capital investment, may benefit from higher visibility among customers and suppliers.

  • Events and customer introductions: Portfolio companies may be invited to participate in various networking events, industry shows, targeted educational workshops and conferences throughout the year. Intel Capital makes every effort to introduce customers to Intel Capital portfolio companies at appropriate event opportunities.

  • Consulting: Portfolio companies may consult online with Intel on a variety of technology and operational topics or may be able to take advantage of one-on-one technical manufacturing and engineering consulting support.

  • Training: Portfolio companies may share in Intel's knowledge and experience. Training topics range from Intel's key employee and management training courses to market research, procurement and government relations issues.

  • Business Tools: Portfolio companies may access a variety of Intel templates, presentations, policies, training modules, market research and best known methods that may help to run businesses more efficiently.

  • Discounts: Portfolio companies may gain access to discounts provided by Intel and other third party suppliers and vendors.

  • Portfolio company offers: Portfolio companies may post special offers that are made available to other companies within the portfolio.

Portfolio company employees may receive Intel Capital's monthly newsletter by signing up on the members website to keep on top of the latest programs and news from Intel Capital.

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