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Insyde Software

Moving mobile computing forward

Insyde Software supplies advanced firmware and software to companies that are driving mobile computing to the next level.

The world is on the move in every sense. At the international level, the Internet is breaking down geographical barriers and enabling even the smallest business to compete globally. At the personal level, the continuing revolution in computing is putting more powerful and more compact devices into the hands of knowledge workers, freeing them to access and share information wherever they are. Insyde Software is at the heart of these exciting developments in computing and networking.

Founded in September 1998, Insyde Software is a relatively new company. Its engineers and consultants, however, average more than 15 years' experience in the hardware and firmware marketplace. The company's engineers have been working together for over seven years.

Capitalizing on the experience and proven track record of its consultants and engineers, Insyde Software is a global provider of software and software engineering and consulting services to companies in the information appliance (IA), PC, telecom and semiconductor industries. The company's key products are its system BIOS for mobile platforms and initiatives, and Internet appliances. It also builds device drivers.

As is essential in a fast-moving and global market segment, Insyde Software operates internationally. The company is based in Taipei, Taiwan and is represented by sales, engineering and support allies in the UK, Germany, Japan, Korea and the U.S.A.

The Taiwan connection is especially important, says Jeremy Wang, chairman of Insyde Software Corp. "Most of the US and Japanese PC makers manufacture in Taiwan. Being local lets us serve our customers more effectively," he says.

Companies such as Sony, National Semiconductor, Hewlett Packard, Compaq and Nokia have called on the expertise of Insyde Software, often entrusting the company with work on early-stage reference design projects.

Intel invests in Insyde Software
"Wireless capabilities are becoming popular in notebooks," says Wang. "In two years, wireless will be a major consideration in notebook design. In some places it is still not possible to find a fixed line telephone, but it is possible to make a mobile telephone call. Wireless communication and notebooks are going to be very important."

Intel Capital invests in companies that help OEM manufacturers bring platform enhancements to market faster. Insyde Software is positioned to help manufacturers quickly deploy the latest wireless solutions and Intel technologies for Internet-based mobile computing.

A Deeper Relationship
"We had an excellent relationship with Intel before the investment," says Wang, "but things have really taken off since Intel Capital invested, we have entered into an even more mutually beneficial situation. Intel introduces us to its customers and we can help Intel with the firmware for its latest chipsets."

Since investing in Insyde Software, Intel has been able to offer a faster response on BIOS questions to its customer base in Asia Pacific. Intel has also benefited from Insyde Software's expertise in developing firmware for Intel products.

As an Intel Capital portfolio company, Insyde Software benefits from many of Intel Capital's Alliance Programme activities. The programme is an extension of Intel Capital's commitment to providing its portfolio companies with more than equity. Through the programme, Insyde has access to a dedicated website with information and tools to help its business; and invitations to attend various Intel events that promote networking among portfolio companies and Intel divisions.

"Our contact with Intel Capital has been enormously helpful in sourcing other opportunities within Intel itself. We have worked particularly with the notebook division and Intel Labs, and we have had greater access than before to a wealth of information," confirms Wang. "Right now we are working together to provide quicker, better and more stable solutions. In the future our relationship will be even closer."

Insyde Software

"Mobile computing has potential yet to be unleashed. We intend to be on the cutting edge of developing solutions that advance mobile computing to the next level. We believe that our continuing close relationship with Intel will help to ensure that. Our Intel Capital representative has years of experience within Intel and has been an incredible help in connecting us with the right people."

Jeremy Wang
Insyde Software Corp


Insyde Software Corp
Jeremy Wang
Taipei, Taiwan
September 1998

For more information, contact Insyde Software, .

Last updated: July 2001

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