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Jungo Software Technologies, Ltd.
Jungo Software Technologies, Ltd.
Offering a complete software infrastructure for the residential gateway for fast, seamless development of broadband-based home and business applications.
Overview Case Study Investment Relationship
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Ofer Vilenski
Israel, San Jose, CA, Taipei, Taiwan
Intel Invested

If market analysts strive to foresee the future, what can we say of the breakthrough minds that see beyond the analysts' lens?

Take DSL, cable and wireless modems. Today most analysts agree these modems are outmoded. SOHO (small office, home office) users need services that go beyond a simple high-speed connection, including networking, security, voice, and video services--all built into their DSL/cable modems.

Yet, just a few years ago analysts' collective thinking was stampeding down a different path. The future of the residential gateway, they claimed, was a $1,000 set top box--a future that has not yet jelled.

Breakthrough vision helps shape residential gateways

This case study explores how Ofer Vilenski and Derry Shribman, two ex-Checkpoint engineers, founded Jungo on the strength of a set of software development tools for embedded systems, which became an overnight success. We look at how the duo then went on to develop their next product for the residential gateway market segment. In this case, Jungo took a stance contrary to the analysts with their then-risky vision that residential gateways would emerge from existing DSL/cable modems, versus a new device.

Discover how this prescient view has given equipment manufacturers a new way to develop fast, seamless broadband-based home and business applications--and has given Jungo a leading position in this market segment.


Overview Case Study Investment Relationship
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