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Silicon Automation Systems Limited

Enriching the Internet Experience

Silicon Automation Systems Limited (SAS) is focused on developing solutions for the Internet and network access technologies. SAS has a decade of experience in telecom solutions and is now one of India's leaders in the development of broadband access technologies like 3G and xDSL. SAS' vision is to enable a pleasurable Internet experience anytime, anywhere.

SAS was the first in the world to optimize the G.lite modem for the Intel� Pentium� III processor with its Synapse* G.lite programmable software modem. With Synapse, customers using old-style copper networks can experience data transmission rates of up to 1.5 Mbps where previously only 56 kbps was possible. SAS's experience in codecs as well as its experience in the telecommunications and access areas also led to the development of the SAS 3GPP Protocol Stack, which enables applications like video conferencing and Web browsing on mobile telephones.

Apart from its expertise in broadband access technologies, SAS is also working on other aspects of technologies like WAP Gateways and Messaging Gateways. On the applications side SAS provides MPEG cores for multimedia applications like real-time video or applications for the mobile terminal.

This ability to create the applications of the future � as well as to upgrade the technology of the past � is the reason companies like Ambient, Fujitsu, Nortel and Philips turn to SAS for solutions.

Through its work at the frontier of communications technology and contribution to worldwide standards bodies, SAS is helping to shape the future of communication.

The relationship between SAS and Intel was advanced by an investment from Intel Capital in September 1999.

"Our visions of the future are closely aligned. With our complementary skills, we can help each other realize those visions," says Rajiv Mody, CEO, SAS.

SAS can also help India realize its explosive economic potential. India has established itself as a hotbed for exciting technological advances, but ironically much of the country has no Internet access. By allowing for high-speed access over the country's existing telephone network, SAS's technology coupled with existing infrastructure could connect India to its future.

A Shared Experience
"Thanks to our relationship with Intel Capital, we have been able to work closely with Intel's Architecture Labs and Home Products Group," says Mody. "We have attended Intel developer conferences and portfolio meetings with other companies that Intel Capital has invested in. These have given us the information we need to build even better products and to develop synergy with likeminded companies. That is what will take SAS to the next level."

"Thanks to Intel Capital we have access to a large network of companies that are also exploring the frontiers of new technology. Access to groups within Intel itself has enhanced our ability to develop technology that answers the needs of our customers."

Rajiv Mody
Silicon Automation Systems Limited


Silicon Automation Systems Limited
Rajiv Mody
Bangalore, India
September 1999

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Last updated: August 2000

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