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SuperData Technology (Asia) Ltd.

Gaining Visibility for Accelerated Growth

Offering local-language business management software solutions that are Internet-ready and customized for China, SuperData is promoting the benefits of computing to the PRC's small and medium-sized businesses and supporting local e-business development.

SuperData develops and markets business management software for small and medium-sized businesses in China. It produced China's first integrated accounting and inventory management software for the SME sector and all of its top-selling products are rendered in Chinese and consistent with local enterprise accounting practices and tax regulations. SuperData's market segment has vast potential as the number of SME businesses is growing by double digits annually and only a small percentage are yet using computerized management systems.

Intel recognized that SuperData met both of its investment criteria: a financially viable company with, more importantly, the potential to have a major strategic impact on its market segment and stimulate growth of the computing sector as a whole. In August 1999, Intel. invested in SuperData.

The investment has indirectly benefited Intel by accelerating the computerization of the SME sector in China, driving demand for Intel's products and services. At the same time, it has helped Intel to establish itself as a driving force for the promotion of e-business in China and enhance its image as a provider of venture capital to support China's burgeoning software industry.

Similarly, SuperData has benefited from its association with Intel beyond the financial contribution. Intel helped SuperData to establish cooperative relationships with international companies and has provided support and technical guidance to SuperData's product designers, particularly to accelerate its e-commerce initiatives.

"Overall, Intel's investment and support has increased staff confidence and public awareness of SuperData, helping us to build on our brandname and find success at a quicker pace," said Mr. Zou. "Wholesalers and dealers are more receptive to our products and we have been approached by many OEM manufacturers. Through Intel's investment, we have captured the attention of the international investment community, with interest from investors in Asia and Europe."

"SuperData has gained the confidence of global partners and the local market from our association with Intel. Intel helped us to make contact with international companies, like Intuit, which has resulted in important licensing arrangements for us. The investment announcement also increased public awareness of our name in China."

Zou Qixiong
Chairman & general manager,


SuperData Technology (Asia) Ltd.
Chairman & general manager:
Zou Qixiong
August 1999

For more information, contact SuperData, .

Last updated: May 2000

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