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Creating New Solutions for Windows-Based Embedded, Real-Time Applications

As a leading provider of products and expertise for embedded, real-time applications, VenturCom offers developers the guidance and support they need to help scale Windows NT applications across the enterprise.

While the adage "what you see is what you get" may be the guiding light for many--some people just see things differently. Take Windows/NT. Most would view it as a popular Microsoft operating system. Then there's Michael Dexter-Smith, President and CEO of VenturCom.

"Today? I see NT as less of an operating system and more of a platform" says Dexter-Smith, "With it and the (Intel) x86, you've really got a widely available platform that can be used for so many purposes."

In 1995, VenturCom translated this vision into the embedded and real-time Windows NT space. "We took NT and created the tools, extensions and expertise to allow our customers to develop their embedded and real-time applications on top of it," says Dexter-Smith.

Intel Invests in VenturCom
In 1997 VenturCom introduced its first products and began attracting the attention of Intel. Intel saw VenturCom helping to bring the benefits of a broadly-available microprocessor architecture--including competitive price and widely available software--to the embedded market segment. These attributes, in turn, could help spur innovation and advances in the embedded area.

In 1998, Intel invested in VenturCom, beginning a valuable relationship between the two companies.

Mutually Successful Alliance
Today, VenturCom occupies a leading position in the embedded NT marketplace. The company's products are hard at work in the industrial automation, communications, medical imaging, government, gaming industries--and beyond.

According to Dexter-Smith, the working relationship with Intel has been extraordinary.

"Having an Intel observer on my board, I get a perspective that I wouldn't have otherwise," says Dexter-Smith, "Since Intel views things in such vast numbers--seeing thousands more customers that we do--we gain access to a more solid set of industry trends, as well as Intel's market segment knowledge and strategies."

Intel also benefits from our experience," says Dexter-Smith, "We add to Intel's expertise in embedded, real-time systems, allowing Intel to further its knowledge of this marketplace."

"Working with Intel has been extraordinary. We've had good advice about changes in the marketplace and have gained insight into managing our company. Equally so, Intel benefits from us. While Intel sees the business from the hardware side, we see it from the software side. We can be his or her eyes and ears with each customer. Overall, it's a great relationship"

Michael Dexter-Smith
President and CEO


Michael Dexter-Smith
Cambridge, MA
June 1998

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Last updated: May 2000

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