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Investment Guidelines

Intel Capital requires all investments support specific business unit strategies. Given this requirement, a large percentage of submissions are declined.

In addition to the support of a specific strategic initiative, the Fund requires that investments have experienced management teams, a credible board of independent directors, sound business plans and a good potential to achieve financially attractive returns. Intel Capital generally prefers to invest alongside established Venture Capital professionals and conducts extensive due diligence before any investment commitment is made. Please do not submit seed stage investment proposals.

Generally, a description of an investment opportunity should include a minimum of the following:

  • Executive summary (mandatory)
  • Description of the customer need
  • A description and what is the unique position of product/ technology offering (mandatory)
  • A description of the perceived strategic fit with Intel (mandatory)
  • Supporting information that there is a high growth market segment to pursue
  • Backgrounds of an experienced and successful management team (mandatory)
  • Explanation as to the intellectual property and how it is defensible
  • Financial projections and financing history (mandatory)
  • References to accredited existing investors (mandatory)
Please submit only that information which is considered non-confidential. While the Fund will not distribute the information it receives outside of Intel, we cannot read material marked "confidential" or "secret" until we have a signed non-disclosure agreement in place.

Technology and Product Focus Areas

Intel Communications Fund will invest in a broad range of innovative networking and communication product solutions.

Investments may include acceleration components, basic components, middleware, OS, third party design for hire, programmable components, software tools, networking and communications applications and infrastructure systems areas.

More specifically technologies/products considered should support the Intel® Internet Exchange" Architecture, CT Media", the Intel Personal Internet Client Architecture or Intel Xscale" Microarcitecture initiatives and some/all of its specifications.

IXA investment areas include security and classification co-processors, high-speed switch fabrics, policy management, voice/DSP, protocol processors, routing engines, software protocol stacks, real time OS's, directory/policy services, bandwidth management, systems/blade level design, FPGA's, physical layer devices, libraries, assemblers, debuggers, optimizers, OAMP, device management, NIC's and ADM's.

For CT Media, investment areas include applications based on CT Media for enabling PBX's, voice over IP gateways, softswitch, facsimile, ACD, IVR, CRM, call center integration, unified messaging, innovative voice applications and telecom service providers.

For Intel Personal Internet Client architecture and Xscale" Microarchitecture investment areas include GSM/GPRS, PDC, WBCDMA, IMODE, Cellular/ Pagers/ Handheld, Validation platforms/ Development Tools, O/S ports to Xscale" Microarchitecture Baseband, RF, soft radio, new peripherals, Position Location (complete solution, including services), and wireless/cellular applications.

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