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January 2001 Portfolio Rollover the letters below to get a list of
those portfolio companies

Accordion Networks
Accordion Networks designs and supplies next-generation onsite broadband multi-services activation platforms that enable New-World Service Providers around the globe to activate, personalize and manage business-class broadband services in the new business e-conomy. Accordion's OnsitePOP* platform enables service providers to deliver differentiated, value-added business-class IP/application services, as well as a full-suite of legacy services from the network edge.

Accelerated Encryption Processing Inc. (AEP) is a multinational company specializing in e-Security. AEP develops, manufactures and markets the fastest range of hardware cryptographic accelerators available. The company is based in Dublin, Ireland with offices in California and London. AEP �s expertise in cryptography coupled with a wide ranging skill set from ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) design through to application programming provides all the necessary building blocks for full sub-system design.

Airslide Systems Inc.
Airslide Systems is a developer of IP based solutions for cellular telecommunications network backbones. Deploying Airslide's solutions enables cellular providers to deliver a broader range of services more quickly to their mobile subscribers in a significantly more efficient and cost-effective manner. Airslide's highly scalable, carrier-grade platforms have been specifically constructed for the cellular telecommunications industry and are interoperable with all existing backbone equipment.

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Altitude Software
Altitude Software (formerly Easyphone) is a global provider of award-winning solutions for Unified Customer Interaction*(uCI) which enable companies to unify, integrate and optimise customer relationships. As a global company with offices worldwide, more than 250 customers look to Altitude Software for integrated eCRM solutions that leverage a company�s existing communications and technology investment.

Amoeba Telecom
Amoeba Telecom develops and markets innovative Carrier class "real time" products and solutions that monitor, administer, and manage the Quality and Performance of new generation Internet Protocol (IP) based services such as Internet Access, Voice over IP (VoIP), Virtual Private Networks (VPN's), Video Conferencing and Application/Web hosting.

Apex Voice Communications
Established in 1989, APEX Voice Communications is a leading manufacturer of enhanced services and billing solutions for wireless and wireline telecom service providers. Our high-density, open platforms enable carriers to bring innovative, revenue-generating services to market quickly and cost-effectively. More than 200 carriers in over 75 countries have deployed APEX solutions for service creation, intelligent call processing, unified messaging, wireless e-mail, prepaid calling, enhanced switching, network IVR and usage-based billing. APEX products are engineered for both TDM- and IP-based networks, and offer circuit-based carriers a cost-effective migration path to packet-based services. APEX provides regional sales and support services through its offices worldwide.

Aplion Networks is an innovator in creating integrated hardware and software solutions for the network edge and last mile of competitive service provider networks. Based on patented programmable network element technology, Aplion Networks designs, manufactures and markets an integrated solution for the network that delivers new capabilities for creating and managing customized broadband communications services, while simultaneously simplifying network operations and services provisioning. Aplion Networks� solutions enables service providers to manage content at the edge of the network and successfully offer mass customized services at higher margins. Through Aplion Networks� unique architecture, service providers can deliver new communications and business services, whose value to users is based on content and priority, instead of commodity bandwidth.

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ArtinSoft is a leader in migration and upgrade technology and offers one of the most innovative solutions available to enable porting services across different programming languages and database platforms. ArtinSoft's porting solution is cost-effective, rapid and secure and can help companies choose their platform and strategic direction and to focus their valuable resouces on profitable opportunities. In addition to freeing enterprises from software and hardware constraints to advance their applications into newer and more flexible technologies, ArtinSoft's services recover their software investment and strategic value, reduce operating costs, and empower their human "knowledge capital" experts.

Bluesoft, Inc.
Bluesoft, Inc., founded in October 1999, designs, develops and delivers revolutionary algorithms, RF and software infrastructure for distance measurement and location finding (accuracy of 0.5 meter). Bluesoft technology is designed to be embedded in any Bluetooth� IC, adding valuable functionality that allows execution of many novel Bluetooth wireless applications.

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BoostWorks(*) is a leading provider of server-based products Accelerating the Last Mile(*) by optimizing the delivery of Web content and application data. The last mile is defined as the connection between the edge of the network and the user agent, including wireless, dial-up and broadband connections.

Braxtel Communications
Braxtel Communications (formerly SalesLan): Braxtel Communications was formed in 1997 as a spin-off of a successful European telecommunication integration organization. The company�s headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland with U.S. operations based in Dallas, Texas. Braxtel provides integrated communication solutions for customer call and interaction centers supporting telephone, voicemail, email, web and fax interactions. The powerful Fluency Interaction System* allows you to derive maximum benefit from the strategic data systems and customer agents deployed to ensure your customer� s satisfaction and loyalty.

Cambridge Positioning Systems Ltd.
Cambridge Positioning Systems Limited (CPS) provides mobile location systems and services for mobile phone users and delivers a world-leading technology and services to the corporate and consumer mobile communications markets. It is currently partnering a wide range of organisations to introduce value added location-based services and its strategic partners include network equipment, handset manufacturers and software application vendors. CPS has achieved a world's first with its unique location technology, ensuring that it is at the heart of the mobile revolution.

Cambridge Silicon Radio
CSR develops true single-chip radio devices supporting wireless data & voice communications between a wide range of products. Core strengths give CSR a unique design advantage. In addition to its long-term focus on Bluetooth, CSR's team has significant experience of HiperLAN, GSM, UMTS, DECT, ERMES & FLEX wireless standards.

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Cash-U is an Israeli company specializing in supplying Cellular Operators and WASPs with enabling technologies for mobile entertainment Value Added Services (VAS).

Celion Networks
Celion Networks, Inc., a private company founded in July 2000, is currently designing and manufacturing products that will redefine optical networking. Located in Richardson, Texas, the company has an experienced management team who has world-class expertise in optical technology and network design. Having secured funding from lead investors Sequoia Capital and Lehman Brothers Venture Capital Group, Celion Networks is poised to deliver on its promise of redefining optical networking.

Cereva Networks
Cereva Networks is building Internet content engines that significantly improve and simplify Internet content management and delivery.

Consystant Design Technologies
Established in 1999, Consystant is a privately held company. The Consystant technology, which was originated from the University of Washington, is a revolutionary and productivity-enhancing open standard for software component authoring and software design.

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CosmoCom, Inc., a leader in universal access contact center technology, enhances Customer Relationship Management for both service providers and their customers with CosmoCall Universe. CosmoCall Universe is an all-IP contact center platform that was designed from the ground up to enable all forms of customer communication -- traditional telephone calls with interactive voice response sessions, fax, e-mail, and live communication and collaboration sessions from the web via keyboard chat, voice, and video. The system is a complete, new generation alternative to the traditional telephone-based automatic call distributors used in most call centers today.

Cybird is one of Japan's leading mobile phone content developer with cutting edge technology and some of the best minds in mobile-focused strategic planning. Services from entertainment to information are provided to mobile content users via all of the main mobile phone carriers in Japan

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DataCore Software Corporation
DataCore Software Corporation is an innovator in storage networking software. Its SANsymphony* Software helps companies respond to accelerating growth and change in storage requirements by creating a shared storage pool from networked storage elements. SANsymphony software transforms Intel servers running Windows NT into storage servers capable of serving storage across a SAN to UNIX, Linux, Netware, Windows, and MacOS application platforms. A privately-held company founded in 1998 by some of the industry's most respected storage technologists, DataCore is headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., with U.S. branch offices in Research Triangle Park and Silicon Valley, and subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

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Digia Inc. creates personal Communications Technologies and Solutions for Wireless Information Devices. Our customers include the world's largest mobile device manufacturers and our partners are leaders in the industry. Digia's core strength is competences in user experience design and key technologies. Our focus is solely on Symbian based technologies and solutions. Company investors are: Bayview, Cisco Systems, Eqvitec Partners, GE Capital, Intel, Investor Ab, Sonera and Sony.

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Additional information on this company will be forthcoming.

Elix is a world-leading provider of interactive business solutions serving the contact center industry, telecommunications network operators, financial institutions, government agencies and global systems integrators.

Founded in 1994, Envox is a leading developer of Windows NT-based communications platforms and development tools for building telephony, e-mail, e-Commerce, Web automation and datacom solutions. The company is a modular organization with offices in USA, Europe and Asia.

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Fast-Chip Incorporated is a fabless semiconductor company founded in 1998 that provides component level solutions for network equipment OEMs. Fast-Chip designs, markets, and sells high performance network coprocessors that offload critical, CPU-intensive, network bottlenecks and accelerate them at wire speed.

GoAhead Software
GoAhead Software is a leading provider of off-the-shelf management software solutions to manufacturers of intelligent networked devices. In partnership with manufacturers, GoAhead leverages Internet standards to provide solutions that accelerate time-to-market, increase customer satisfaction and reduce support costs. For users, GoAhead's solutions make intelligent devices hassle-free-dependable and easy to use. The privately held company was formed in 1995 and is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.

IP Infusion
Founded in 1999, IP Infusion is a privately held company with headquarters in San Jose, California, and a Network Processing Group in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. IP Infusion is a leading provider of advanced networking software for the development of next generation communications, networking and wireless equipment.

Additional information on this company will be forthcoming.

Founded in 1998, Jungo Software Technologies is a privately held company with corporate offices in Sunnyvale, California and an R&D center in Israel. Jungo develops OpenRG - a residential gateway software platform and WinDriver/Go-HotSwap - embedded software development tools.

Kagoor Networks
With its strong commitment to innovation, excellence, and superior technology, Kagoor�s mission is to provide the �missing link� for VoIP by helping service providers and enterprises overcome the technical roadblocks that have inhibited widespread commercial deployment of VoIP network services. Founded in early 2000, Kagoor is headquartered in San Mateo, California, and manages an R&D facility in Herzeliya, Israel.

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LynuxWorks (formerly Lynx) is a founding member of the RTOS industry, creating its first real time product (LynxOS) in the late 1980s. Today it is an embedded Linux provider that has over 40 offices and has hundreds of thousands of copies of its software used around the world in a wide range of products. It has over 100 partner relationships and is ISO 9001 registered.

MontaVista Software, Inc.
MontaVista Software Inc. is a leading provider of open-source systems software solutions for embedded systems. Founded in 1999 by real-time operating system pioneer James Ready, MontaVista's principal offering is the Linux operating system and cross development tools tailored for embedded systems. MontaVista products include Hard HatTM Linux*, a standard off-the-shelf binary distribution of Linux for x86/IA-32, PowerPC, StrongARM, MIPS, Hitach SH and other microprocessor architectures.

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Narus is revolutionizing the IP provider industry with a new category of technology that enables the rapid definition and delivery of diverse, highly targeted, and profitable services. NARUS products create an Internet Business Infrastructure (IBI) that links service provider networks to their businesses by supplying detailed knowledge about customer and service usage.

NetCentrex is one of the first IP Centrex portals that provides Service Providers access to its DataCenters to enable them to create and offer very quickly advanced customized IP telephony services such as voicemail, interactive voice response (IVR), call center and virtual PBX leveraging the VoIP technology and the Internet infrastructure.

NetOctave is a leading developer of network security processors for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), IP Security (IPsec), and IP Storage applications. NetOctave's OEM solutions enable networking system companies to meet their customers' growing need for wire-speed SSL and IPsec security protocol implementations. NetOctave's security accelerators and security acceleration add-in cards deliver complete security offload for network equipment manufacturers. For more information on NetOctave, call 1-919-463-9903 x329 or visit NetOctave's web site at

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Network Elements
Network Elements is leading the drive to new types of optical networking modules that integrate high-speed optics, electronics and wirespeed, multi-protocol ASICs. Our 10 Gb/s Ethernet, SONET and POS modules address the core, metro, edge and server markets, providing the highest levels of performance and integration in a single package.

Network Physics
Network Physics is creating a new class of networking products designed to improve the performance of the Internet by exploiting a deep understanding of the non-linear dynamics of IP traffic. The company was founded by a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur and one of the world's leading authorities on chaos control, and is backed by a board of advisors that includes two Nobel laureates known as leading thinkers in complexity theory. The company's products have been in customer trials at major web sites since May of 2000.

NewMonics, Inc.
NewMonics was founded in 1996 to commercially pursue the advancements in Java technology pioneered by Dr. Kelvin Nilsen, who today serves as the company's Chief Technology Officer. Dr. Nilsen's research led to the development of a groundbreaking clean-room version of a Java virtual machine created from the ground up for complex embedded systems. The technology, called the PERC Core Platform, is today the heart of embedded products in industries such as network infrastructure, industrial automation, and telematics.

NFR Security, Inc.
Incorporated in 1996, NFR Security, Inc. develops and markets a range of information security products that protect IT assets from external and internal attacks. NFR's centrally managed intrusion protection system monitors distributed resources, including networks, servers, workstations, applications, etc., and responds when suspicious activity is detected. It also provides powerful forensic capabilities for the analysis and early detection of new threats.

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Nomadix provides software solutions that enable edge infrastructure to deliver seamless, secure Internet access to the mobile user. Nomadix' Network Service Engine software allows the network manager to automatically configure every user for network connectivity, securely authenticate those users for access privileges, and then monitor and enforce policy for their network usage. Nomadix' Universal Subscriber Gateway hardware product delivers these benefits in a turnkey bundle to enterprises and service providers.

Omneon Video Networks
Omneon Video Networks provides infrastructure for new media. Omneon's Networked Content Server System is a highly scalable, data-type independent, shared-storage infrastructure. The solution is a platform that supports third-party software applications for control and transmission, media management, archive, and collaborative production. Omneon systems are used by content producers and distributors for simultaneous program creation and re-purposing for any type of distribution method.

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Onset is a leading provider of message-conversion solutions. Onset's META (Message Enabling for Transmission and Action)technology converts any kind of message - fax, voice, e-mail and Attachments - into a METAmessage of device-independent, business-ready information. Onset Technology - fulfilling the promise of the unified message.

Open Loop is an IT business company specializing in development of information security technology. Having PKI (Public Key Infrastructure ) technology as its core competence, it provides diverse information security technologies from basic to applied ones, and is focusing on the markets of mobile phones, Smart Card and Information Appliance.

PacketVideo, a recognized leader in software for the delivery of rich media over today's wireless networks, provides standards-based products that enable the distribution of one and two-way video, high-quality audio, animation and graphics over wireless networks to mobile devices such as cellular telephones and personal digital assistants. PacketVideo's products allow mobile consumers to access video and audio content on portable devices today, not four years from now. Potential uses for this technology include real-time remote monitoring for health care, childcare and security, plus distributing mainstream news, sports and entertainment content to mobile consumers, as well as full two-way videoconferencing.

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PassCall Advanced Technologies Ltd.,, is a leading mobile portal platform provider, enabling service providers to offer Internet services to their mobile subscribers.

Pingtel powers a renaissance in voice services and applications with one of the world's first intelligent Java-based, voice-over-IP phone appliances, softphones and management software for service providers and enterprises. New voice applications for personal productivity; industry and occupation-specific tasks; and Web-telephony integration (WTI) will produce a variety of new business opportunities for telephony and application service providers.

RadiSys is a global leader and one of the world's fastest growing suppliers in the design, manufacture and integration of open system computing platforms and "perfect fit" embedded computing solutions for OEM applications in telecommunications, automation, medical devices, transportation, transaction terminals, and test and measurement industries.

Recourse Technologies
is a leading provider of threat management solutions that are redefining network security. Now organizations can contain, control, and respond to malicious computer attacks, enabling secure and uninterrupted business operations. Recourse products protect organizations against the losses that can result from intrusions and denial of service (DoS) attacks.

SignalSoft provides a software platform and related applications to enable the delivery of location-based voice and data services to wireless network operators. Our operating platform and software applications allow wireless network operators worldwide to unlock the value of a core element of mobile telephone networks -- the location of their users. The location of the wireless user will be fundamental to the delivery of many new services by wireless operators. We believe that mobile location services will be the key enabler of m-Commerce, which is the extension of e-Commerce to mobile phones

Silicon Access Networks
Silicon Access Networks provides ultra-high performance silicon and software solutions that enable a new level of differentiated services and unprecedented reliability in metropolitan, wide area and enterprise network routers and switches.

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SiRF Technology, Inc.
SiRF Technology, Inc. is a fabless communication IC and IP company. It develops semiconductor, software and IP products to enable location awareness for high-volume consumer and commercial applications based on GPS technology. SiRF markets and sells its products in four target markets: wireless handheld, automotive, portable computing and embedded consumer applications.

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Solidum Systems Corporation
Established in 1997 and based in Ottawa, Canada, and Scotts Valley, CA, Solidum is a leader in the development of wirespeed packet classification products. Solidum�s unique approach, based on programmable state machine technology and an openly distributed pattern processing language, accelerates the time to market for a wide range of broadband network applications.

StoneFly Networks
StoneFly Networks is moving intelligence into the core of storage networking infrastructures. The company's products enable businesses to reduce the complexity of managing storage capacity and performance while achieving device and location independence. StoneFly Networks' next-generation storage networking architecture supplies the tools that business enterprises can employ to achieve physical consolidation while dramatically improving the management of storage assets.

Streamline Solutions
Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Streamline Solutions is a leading developer of Web-enabled Customer Relationship Management (eCRM) and Contact Centre technologies. Working with strategic alliances, Streamline Solutions provide Web-enabling technologies to businesses seeking to seamlessly automate and integrate their business processes, and to better understand their customers.

Teja Technologies
Founded in 1998 and located in Silicon Valley, Teja Technologies is a privately held software company delivering the industry�s first advanced network processor software development platform. Known as Teja NP, this software will save systems vendors money and speed their products� time-to-market, providing a significant competitive advantage in today�s fast moving networking markets. This platform includes a Graphical Application Development Environment, a Network Processing Operating System (NPOS) Runtime and an extensible library of embedded network application building blocks that will dramatically accelerate network product development enabling systems vendors to bring new products to market in a greatly reduced timeframe. Teja�s solution reduces product development time and costs, optimizes the performance of multiprocessor architectures, provides application building blocks to jump-start your project and eliminates the need to work in microcode for a specific chip�s architecture.

TeleNova is a leading provider of Internet-based application and communication services to the Internet and telecommunications markets worldwide. Our network of gateways covering the Americas is the foundation for innovative and advanced services such as Internet Telephony, Virtual Private Networks over the Internet and Web-based virtual desktop with messaging, collaboration and information management tools.

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TeraCross Ltd.
TeraCross Ltd. is a fabless semiconductor company developing high-performance, multi-terabit switch fabric solutions for the high-end core and metro switch/router markets. TeraCross' innovative GLIMPS* technology reliably scales to support low latency and Quality of Service requirements for hundreds of ports at data rates of 10-Gbps, 40-Gbps and beyond.

Tornado Development
Tornado Development was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in El Segundo, CA. Tornado is the developer and marketer of Tornado Messenger, one of the only carrier-grade Unified Messaging solutions that offers a single, highly scalable system for Telcos, ISPs, ASPs and Wireless providers. Tornado has recently raised over $43 million in outside investments.

Founded in 1995, TriVium Systems is a customer relationship management (CRM) solutions provider for small to medium-sized businesses needing better ways to grow and retain loyal customers. TriVium solutions are cost-effective, easy to use and fast to implement, empowering companies to quickly connect to their customers and better manage their business. Led by an executive team with extensive experience in telecommunications computing and the Internet, the company has experienced revenue growth of 600% over the last year.

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Vpacket Communications, Inc.
Vpacket Communications is focused on building products that enable intelligent communication of converged voice and data over packet switched networks. Vpacket products enable service providers to economically deliver converged services to the edge of the network, as well as providing extensive QOS management capability, interoperability with existing infrastructure, and broad scaleability.

A leading provider of Voice-to-Enterprise services and technology, Webversa gives mobile users real-time access to corporate applications and Web sites using any phone. Our interactive E-Business Alerts* notify users of new information via phone, pager, e-mail or WAP device.

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YourVoice offers a service in outsourcing that allows companies to contact their customer or business partner through their preferred media: telephone, mobile, fax, email, SMS.

Zio Interactive, Inc
The mission of ZIO Interactive is providing Differentiated and Digital Mobile Entertainment. ZIO Interactive is pursuing to be a global leading developer and marketer of various contents and software through all types of Mobile devices. The company strives to provide innovative Mobile Entertainment Contents that meets various customers' evolving needs, and ZIO will. ZIO Interactive is growing success has resulted in partnerships with the likes of Intel, Compaq, HP, Casio, Socket, Microsoft, THQ,Electronic Arts, and Eidos.

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