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Press Release
Zayante Receives Intel Investment for 1394 Technology Development

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Nov. 27, 2000 -- Zayante Inc, a private company based in Scotts Valley, CA, today announced that it has received a strategic investment from Intel Capital to assist its development of IEEE 1394 High Speed Serial Bus (a.k.a. Firewire, a.k.a. iLink) technology. Financial details were not disclosed.

Founded four years ago by the original developers of Firewire, Zayante is dedicated to developing silicon IP and related software for IEEE 1394. The investment from Intel Capital will allow Zayante to further develop 1394 and its application in the Consumer Electronics marketplace, particularly for digital video and related home networking.

"IEEE 1394 is the convergence bus between the home PC and the latest digital entertainment systems, and it is the interface of choice for Consumer Digital A/V now supported by major PC manufacturers," said Pat Gelsinger, VP/CTO, Intel Architecture Group. "Zayante has played a major role in the development of the IEEE 1394 family of standards and with an extensive portfolio of 1394 technology, is now poised to make a major contribution to the fast growing 1394 market."

"We are delighted to receive this investment from Intel Capital," said Prashant Kanhere, Zayante's President. "Intel's technical guidance will help Zayante develop 1394 for the future. The investment is particularly timely, since the market will soon see new 1394b technology, which features 800Mbps and 1.6Gpbs capabilities and the ability to transmit over 100m with 1394's unique Quality of Service -- all essential for real-time full motion digital video."

About IEEE 1394
The IEEE 1394 standard specifies a high-performance, easy-to-use and affordable serial bus technology that enables consumers to interconnect all the computing and consumer electronics products in their homes, simply and inexpensively. The high-speed Serial bus defined by the IEEE 1394 standard has been progressively embraced by leaders in the worlds of computing, consumer electronics and networking as a way to achieve true interpretability within and between their worlds.

About Zayante, Inc.
Zayante has been providing the computing and consumer electronics industry with leading edge 1394 solutions since 1996. 1394 is Zayante's only focus and its team consists of some of the best 1394 software and silicon designers. Zayante's products include 1394a and 1394b PHY and Link silicon designs (IP) as well as a complete software stack covering all the major 1394 protocols. Its complete modular architectural approach together with its unrivaled 1394 networking technology expertise puts Zayante's products in a class of their own. More information is available at

About Intel Capital
Intel Capital, Intel's strategic investment program, focuses on making equity investments and acquisitions to grow the Internet economy, including Internet infrastructure, content and services in support of Intel's strategic interests. In Europe Intel Capital invests through Intel Atlantic Inc., a subsidiary of Intel Corporation.

Zayante Inc
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