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Press Release
Broadbandtech launches its services to provide high-speed Internet. Company receives investment from Intel Capital

The founders have more than 15 years of experience in the telecommunications market. The company will provide effective broadband Internet solutions through cable TV. The Puerto Madero-based company has 24 employees and is planning to invest US$ 200 million in the next 5 years.

September 27, 2001 - A group of Argentinean entrepreneurs with 15 years of experience in the technology and telecommunications market announced the start of Broadbandtech (BBT). The company�s goal is to offer homes and companies high-speed Internet services through cable operators network, by the application of satellite and fiber optic connectivity.

Broadbandtech plans to offer an end-to-end solution for added value services and high speed Internet and e-home solutions through cable operators� networks. As a starting point, the company expects to offer turnkey solutions, so that cable operators based in the interior of the country can immediately offer Internet high-speed access services and several other added value services.

The BBT founder group is formed by ex-Keytech directors and executives, Jorge Miguel Alvarez as President, Edgardo Ca�ibano as CCO, Silvio Tonolini as CFO, Alejandro Grosvald, as Account Manager and Lucas Costantini as Technical Manager.

The company plans to invest approximately US$200 million in Argentina, during the next 5 years, with the objective to reach a leadership position in the broadband services market.

Broadbandtech has 24 employees, exclusively dedicated to the development of the infrastructure and the technological means for the starting up of the project. It has installed its network operation center and commercial offices in Puerto Madero Este, Buenos Aires.

Initially Broadbandtech will operate in Argentina, although it plans to add other markets in the region, Mexico and Brazil, in the near future. BBT plans to operate in six Latin American countries by 2005.

According to Manuel Prieto Gomez, Strategic Investment Manager from Intel Capital Latin America, "Intel Capital invests in companies that helps to grow the Internet economy. The growth of broadband technology in Latin America is important because of the new services, software, and e-Business applications that are created."

Alvarez, the President of Broadbandtech, explained, "The business plan we have developed is based on the usage of pre-existing or upgraded cable network infrastructure. Not only high speed Internet services, but also content specially designed for broadband delivery, can be made available to the Argentinean cable market, which consist of near 9 million homes and more than 5 million cable subscribers."

"BBT founders� experience in the technological area as well as the deep knowledge and relationships developed during more than 15 years in the telecommunications market facilitated startingthis project", said Alvarez.

About Intel Capital
Intel Capital, Intel�s strategic investment program, focuses on making equity investments and acquisitions to grow the Internet economy, including Internet infrastructure, content and services in support of Intel�s strategic interests. For more information, visit

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