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Press Release
Iridigm Display Corporation Completes Funding Round

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Iridigm* Display Corporation, a developer of flat panel displays for mobile devices, today announced the completion of a $13 million Series-A funding round. Investors include: Dynafund Ventures, IDEO Ventures, Intel Capital, Paralink Capital Management, Picvue Electronics, and Technology Associates, as well as private investors.

Iridigm has created a new display technology based on MEMS (Micro-Electro- Mechanical Systems) called Digital Paper*. The bright, reflective nature of Digital Paper makes a display as easy to read as a glossy magazine. High image quality combined with inherent high resolution and ultra low power consumption make it well suited for mobile applications of all types.

Richard Whiting, a General Partner of DynaFund Ventures, said, "We think that Iridigm's completely novel application of MEMS technology has created a display that will relatively quickly displace LCDs from portable applications where low power is an important consideration."

"Iridigm's innovative approach to mobile flat panel displays paves the way for the next generation of mobile devices. The mix of very high reflectivity in color, ultra low power and very low cost makes this technology ideal for any mobile display devices," said Jean Gastinel, President and CEO of Iridigm.

Jan Bos, from Picvue Electronics, the leading supplier of flat panel screens to Palm and Handspring, stated, "We believe that Iridigm's technology represents a significant breakthrough in the flat panel device arena. We look forward to working with Iridigm to bring their technology to the marketplace."

About Iridigm Display Corporation
Iridigm produces revolutionary reflective displays for mobile applications. Based on years of research conducted at MIT, Iridigm's Interference Modulator (iMoD) technology provides a new class of capabilities that other flat panel display technologies have yet to achieve. Iridigm will focus on building display components for mobile devices, such as PDAs, digital cameras, GPS, advanced pagers, cell phones and other wireless internet devices. All of these portable applications share the need for low power, paper-like flat panel displays that can convey rich, full-color information in any lighting condition. Iridigm is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Additional information can be obtained by requests sent to . NOTE: Iridigm is a trademark of Iridigm Display Corporation.

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