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Press Release
Lane15 Software Secures $12 Million in Second Round of Venture Financing

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 10, 2001-- Lane15 to Use the Funding from Strategic International Investors to Build Revenue Momentum for its Industry-leading InfiniBand Management.

Lane15 Software, a provider of InfiniBand* management software, today announced the completion of a $12 million Series B round of venture financing. New investors in Lane15 include Index Ventures, a leading pan-European venture capital firm; Quanta Computer, the largest notebook PC ODM manufacturer worldwide; and Convergent Investors, an Austin-based information technology venture capital firm. Current investors, including AV Labs, Austin Ventures, Dell Ventures, Intel Capital and Lightspeed Ventures, also committed funds to Lane15's second round of financing. In related news, Lane15 Software expanded its Board of Directors. Bernard Dalle, partner at Index Ventures, and John Thornton, general partner of Austin Ventures are the newest members.

Lane15 will use the capital and strategic business development opportunities from its investors to continue building revenue momentum in new markets for its InfiniBand management software products, including the Lane15 Fabric Manager*, one of the industry's first commercial applications of management software for InfiniBand hardware and software product developers. InfiniBand Architecture is a powerful new technology that promises to lower the total cost of ownership of data centers by improving the performance, flexibility, scalability, reliability and manageability of System Area Networks.

"It is anticipated that 2002 will be a watershed year for InfiniBand Architecture and we expect many partner companies to bring to market products that feature Lane15's InfiniBand management software," said Alisa Nessler, president and CEO of Lane15 Software. "Lane15 views this past year as a tremendous success. We made great strides toward our goal of becoming the de facto standard software for the development, testing, deployment and management of InfiniBand networks in corporate data centers. In addition to the release of the Lane15 Fabric Manager, we completed our management team and launched our InfiniTeam partner program."

"Lane15 Software enjoys an early lead in the crucial fabric management software segment of the InfiniBand industry," said Bernard Dalle, partner with Index Ventures. "We believe that InfiniBand will offer great performance, management and cost benefits to data centers."

"Convergent Investors recognizes that Lane15 continues to distinguish itself as the leading provider of management software for InfiniBand solutions," said Brian R. Smith, managing partner of Convergent Investors. "Their management software is essential to any enterprise deployment of InfiniBand and greatly assists data center managers in supporting new applications."

About Lane15 Software
Lane15 Software, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is the leading provider of software for the development, testing and deployment of the new InfiniBand Architecture in corporate networks. Lane15's products are designed to help companies in data-intensive industries improve the flexibility, reliability, availability and scalability of their data centers by creating a more efficient way to connect and manage storage and communications networks and server clusters. Lane15 is an active member of the InfiniBand* Trade Association and participates in the association's Management Working Group, Marketing Working Group and its Compliance and Interoperability Working Group. For additional information about Lane15, visit

About Convergent Investors
Convergent Investors manages private equity funds, focused on investing in early stage technology companies. Since the first Convergent investment in 1998, Convergent Investors has invested in emerging technology, telecommunications, e-commerce or transaction-oriented companies, in rapidly growing industries. Convergent Investors is managed by experienced executives and has offices in Austin and Houston, Texas. For additional information about Convergent Investors please visit

About Index Ventures
Index Ventures is a leading pan-European venture capital fund with $500 million dedicated to investments in high technology and biotech. Index began investing in European technology in 1992 and its core team has been working together to make venture investments in technology companies for over five years. Index is dedicated to working with entrepreneurs to build companies that can become global leaders in their sector. Index Ventures investors include leading technology firms such as Cisco and AOL Time Warner as well as key institutional investors. To learn more about Index Ventures visit

About Quanta
Quanta Computer is the largest notebook PC ODM manufacturer worldwide with an estimated 13% of market share in 2001. Quanta Computer sells its notebook PC products to most of the world's top notebook PC vendors, including Dell, Compaq, IBM, HP, Apple, Gateway, Fujitsu-Siemens, Sharp and Sony. In addition to notebook PCs, Quanta sells servers, NAS (Network Attached Storage), cell phones and PDAs.

CONTACT: Lane15 Software Patricia Friar 512-233-1515, ext.145 or Schwartz Communications Caroline Pavis or Lisa Kalisher 781-684-0770 .

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