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July 2002

Table of Contents
Feature Stories
Ernst & Young Online Provides Industry News, Analysis, Webcasts, Tools and Perspectives
Gartner Research and First Take Updates
NetCentrum Case Study: Investing in Developing Economies
Intel Capital News:
INTEL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: Pioneering Innovation Through Technology Leadership
Yes Campaign and Technology Leadership
Software Game Development Is Serious Business
What's New on the Intel Capital Internet Site?
Recent Intel Capital Investments
Ernst & Young Online Provides Industry News, Analysis, Webcasts, Tools and Perspectives:

Ernst & Young Online has developed a customized global portal for Intel Capital portfolio companies worldwide. It offers news and knowledge critical to learning about and exploiting business opportunities.

Gartner Research and First Take Updates:


  • The Value Proposition in Emerging Technologies
    Many investments in emerging technologies fail or are bypassed due to lack of clear value proposition. Framework for understanding and evaluating strategic IT issues is outlined.
First Takes:
  • Security Vendors Will Reap Marketing Gain from Partnership
    On May 2, ISS and NAI announced a strategic partnership agreement to conduct joint R&D and offer integrated products and services.

  • Hewlett-Packard Unveils Customer-Friendly Server and Storage Road Map
    On May 7, Hewlett-Packard released its first storage and server product road maps since the Compaq Computer merger.

NetCentrum Case Study: Investing in Developing Economies

Learn how Intel Capital is working together with portfolio company NetCentrum to open the gateway to new opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe. Intel Capitals investment in NetCentrum marked one of the first international company investments in Czech Internet services. Through a variety of joint marketing activities, NetCentrum is attracting a wide following with its innovative content and services. John Gridley, CFO of NetCentrum, advises, "Intel and NetCentrum are working towards the same goals to bring the Internet and best computing technologies to Eastern Europe."

Intel Capital and Intel Communications Group co-hosted a networking reception in conjunction with this years SuperComm event on June 4 in Atlanta, Georgia. More than 140 attendees had the opportunity to visit with Craig Barrett, Sean Maloney and a host of other industry executives. The forum was an excellent venue for interaction amongst the leaders in the communication industry.

Bill Grundmann, Intel Fellow, Mobile Platforms Group, Director, Computer Aided Design Research Intel Labs, addressed a group of Intel Capital portfolio companies attending the Design Automation Conference in New Orleans on June 12. After hearing from Grundmann, the group enjoyed a dinner and an opportunity to network.

Jim Huston, Intel Capital Director Portfolio Relations and Development chaired an Intel Capital reception that brought together 28 Computing Sector-related portfolio companies and an array of potential IT and web services customers. The reception was held at Studio 450 overlooking the Hudson River in New York City on June 25 in conjunction with TechXNY.

INTEL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: Pioneering Innovation Through Technology Leadership

Formerly known as Intel Labs, Intel Research and Development is a worldwide network of researchers, scientists and engineers, who pioneer technology innovation and catalyze industry cooperation in the computing and communications industry. With a decentralized network of more than 7,000 technology professionals in more than 20 locations and 7 countries, Intel can focus on developing breakthroughs in a variety of different areas including silicon technology and manufacturing, microarchitecture and circuits, computing hardware platforms, communications and networking, and software technology. Through more than 30 years of innovation, Intel research and development has changed the role of computing, continually expanding the ways it enhances people's lives and work. For more details, go to the new Intel research and development website at

Yes Campaign and Technology Leadership

To profile Intels 30+ years of technology leadership and future development activities, Intel is starting the YES campaign. The YES campaign is multi-year global campaign designed to enhance the knowledge and understanding of Intels past and continuing role as an innovator and catalyst in the computing and communication industries. It will highlight how technology breakthroughs will continue to advance Moores law and deliver increased product performance while reducing costs. It will also show Intels role in catalyzing industry cooperation to develop innovative standards and technologies. For more details, visit

Software Game Development Is Serious Business

Launch of Intel® Developer Services' Game Developer Center shows Intel's commitment to software game developers

They sit in a unique corner of the software industry. While their skills match those of the best business-oriented programmer, their customers are more likely to sport T-shirts and tattoos than slacks and silk ties. The launch of the Game Developer Center the week of July 1 signals an important reminder: software game developers, and the market segment they serve, matter deeply to Intel.

Intel® Developer Services kicks off its new Game Developer Center as part of an ongoing effort to become the top of mind e-source for developing and bringing to market Intel-based solutions worldwide. Other Developer Centers on the site feature Intel microprocessors, web services, Java, security and more.

Its no surprise that games consume lots of processing power. Developers who write hits such as Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Dungeon Siege, or Airborne Assault: Red Devils Over Arnhem have no problem making Intels silicon sing. But the scale of the market segment for games, especially those that are played over the Internet, comes as a revelation to many.

According to IDC, the market segment for online games boasts a 22 percent annual growth rate. The market research firm projects revenue from subscription games, such as Everquest*, to grow from $210 million in 2001 to $1.5 billion in 2005.

Computer games have come a long way since the early days of the PC. Remember Zork*? The text-based adventure game achieved notoriety at universities and research institutions in the 1970s. Its hard to believe that todays massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or MMORPGs, spring from such humble beginnings.

History provides hints about the importance of games to the PC industry. In the early 1980s, game titles such as Broderbunds Choplifter* and Microsoft Flight Simulator*, which incorporated graphics, helped to jump-start a miniscule market segment for PCs.

A few years ago, the best game developers were those who could best flex their technical skills. Today, more is required.

Writing a best-selling PC game means utilizing new technologies to create complex story, plot, visual effects, physical simulation, social interactivity, and more, says Will Damon, Intel application engineer. The only way to stay ahead of the curve is to share ideas and learn from your own and your peers mistakes and achievements. The Game Developer Center is a great place to do just that.

Add another to the long list of software constituents important to Intel. Of course, those who write code that powers operating systems, databases, application servers, and enterprise resource planning applications are valued fellow travelers. But the developer who understands the purple-haired gamers has a place, too.

Its a nice addition. Those database guys could use a new tattoo or two anyway.

For more, please visit


  What's New on the Intel Capital Internet Site?
Bluesocket Inc. the fast-growing developer of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) solutions to secure and manage wireless access to corporate networks and the Internet.
Eric Janszen, CEO
  Callixas products provide data access and integration in enterprises that run multiple, disparate databases.
  Envivio provides a software platform for creating, managing and distributing Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG-4) content.
  OPTWARE develops the next-generation optical disc storage devices using hologram technology.

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