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Eastern Software Systems Ltd.

Using the Internet to secure prominence

As one of the first on-line providers of business to business services in India, Eastern Software Systems is making Enterprise Resource Planning solutions more accessible and affordable to India's growing small and medium-sized enterprises and in turn contributing to the growth of that market segment.

Established in 1990, Eastern Software Systems (ESS) develops and markets only Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions created specifically for India's small and medium-sized enterprises. Its flagship product, Makess, is an application that is highly standardized, fast to implement and very cost-effective. ESS, already a leader in its target market segment in terms of sites installed, continued to set the standard by Internet access to Makess in September 1999.

ESS CEO Anil Bakht feels that the relationship between ESS and Intel, both financial and strategic, was the driving force behind the progress. "Intel has a worldwide perspective and shared with us data that proved why we should port Makess to the Internet and they encouraged us to do it quickly. Thankfully, Intel pushed us to refine our products and expand rapidly". Using Intel's financial and technical support, ESS was able to meet their goal of on-line solutions four months ahead of schedule.

Common Goals
Clearly, both Intel and ESS benefit from the increase in computer users in India - an increase that is spearheaded by small businesses.

Overall Bakht feels that ESS is helping to grow the use of technology in India, developing the SME market segment and Internet use, which in turn means potential business for Intel. "At the end of the day the structure can be there from the Intels of the world, but without content, the Internet doesn't grow and the use of PC's doesn't develop."

The Future's So Bright...
Not only has the Intel investment boosted buyers' confidence in ERP, but also raised the profile of ESS in the eyes of potential partners worldwide. "Intel has raised our company's visibility at the highest levels," said Mr. Bakht "We can now go to companies like Compaq and IBM and explore possibilities of working with them in the future."

Following Intel's lead of global thinking, Bakht sees a future ESS in applying their blueprint for success in India to opportunities in countries with similar business climates.

"No one ever thought that small business would use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). But that perception changed when Intel backed us. It raised the credibility of Eastern Software Systems in this market segment."

Anil Bakht
Eastern Software Systems Ltd.


Eastern Software Systems
Anil Bakht
New Delhi, India
June 1999

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Last updated: May 2000

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