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Orad Hi-Tec Systems Ltd.

Orad Cyberset

TOPlay* Soccer represents a new category of immersive sports media.

TOPlay* Soccer represents a new category of immersive sports media. Immersive sports not only lets fans enjoy the game in a new way, but also creates valuable new marketing opportunities for sports content providers, including new "virtual" advertising and e-commerce possibilities that do not compete with traditional broadcast revenue models.
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CYBERSET" Orad's Family of Virtual Set Systems

It's no longer a question of when, but of how. Virtual sets are adding powerful impact to news, sports, elections, entertainment, children's programming, weather reports and...well, your imagination is the limit.

Orad Cyberset

Orad Cyberset

Virtual sets seamlessly integrate live presenters and actors with 3D, computer-generated environments. Using standard, off-the-shelf modeling packages, you produce exciting graphics and directly import the computer-generated visuals into the virtual studio operating software. Eye-catching animations and special effects integrate seamlessly with the live actors, who can move freely around the objects. The on-air result is so realistic, viewers are riveted to your channel.

CyberSport A Revolution in REAL TIME Sports Commentary

The competitiveness of sports broadcasting compels broadcasters to be more innovative - to find ways to attract viewers, which ultimately will draw more sponsors. CyberSport, the ultimate LIVE sports broadcast enhancement tool, provides the means to achieve this innovation.

Orad Cyberset


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