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10art-ni Corporation

10art-ni Corporation

2-15-2 Sotokanda,
Shinkanda Bldg, Ciyodaku,
Tokyo 101-0021
Ph: +81-3-5298-2855
Fx: +81-3-5298-2865

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The goal of 10art-ni Corporation is to drive a second paradigm shift. Following the first paradigm shift from mainframe to PC-LAN in the last decade, the second shift is going from Desktop to WebTop computing. 10art-ni is one of the leading providers of Java and Linux based solutions, the core of new WebTop computing.

HW/SW solution portfolio as RedHat Linux Master distributor. Support and services of Linux/open source covering consulting, education.

Custom development and systems integration of Web solution based on Java/Linux. Technology used spans to CORBA, EJB, XML, and such.

Embedded Linux/Java systems solution targeting next generation business.

Koshi Kakuta Koshi Kakuta, CEO
Following as IS engineer at Mitsui Bank IS Dept. started in 1969, Koshi Kakuta has moved to Mitsui Bank Software Services, in which he pioneered and succeeded NetWare integration business in Japan. In 1995, he founded the 10art-ni Corporation to drive real user-oriented web-top computing based on major two keywords, Java and Linux.


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