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Black Pearl

Black Pearl
(United States)

400 Second Street
Suite 450
San Francisco, CA 94107
Ph: 415-357-8300
Fx: 415 357 8399

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Black Pearl provides intelligent infrastructure for smart commerce in complex market segments such as, brokerage, telecommunications, retail, and exchanges where high-touch, high-value relationships are important. Black Pearl works closely with their customers to help them maintain premium margins, reduce attrition, and increase sales per customer.

Black Pearl's flagship product, the Knowledge Broker, lets companies extend their value-added sales practices into the electronic marketplacewith cross-channel consistency and at the moment of contact. The intelligent offers generated by the Knowledge Broker are driven by advanced technologies like intelligent agents, ontologies and predictive models, which allow the offers to be created in real-time and with full consideration of buyer and seller goals, preferences, behaviors, and market context.

About Black Pearl

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Lisa Hammitt Lisa Hammitt, CEO
Lisa Hammitt is a 13-year veteran in enterprise software whose product management and marketing experience extends across databases, tools, and middleware. She has worked at Oracle, Gupta and Sybase, and has consulted to large enterprise software vendors on interactive customer care. She is fluent in French, conversational in Italian, and functional in Japanese, and holds BA degrees from UC Berkeley.
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