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Today, CELLon is a technology leader in the development of fully integrated wireless terminals, based on their leading edge, CDMA /GSM-based modules. These modules comply with IS95A/B & GSM Phase 2+ standards, in the full range of bands, and offer WAP capability. The Company will launch Generation II modules to comply with GPRS packet switched data in mid 2002.

Jason SunJason Sun, Founder
Currently President and CEO of CEC Wireless / CELLon and a Director of Ssentech, benefits from a decade of experience in the wireless industry. Mr. Sun was previously President and CEO of China Dragon Electronics Ltd., an electronic components distribution company, from 1993 to 1999, after having begun his career as General Manager of the China Department of Synthesis System Design Ltd. He holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master's in electrical engineering from Tsinghua University in China, where he also conducted ASIC design work in collaboration with Synthesis System Design Ltd.


1600 Wyatt dr
suite 7
Santa Clara,�CA�95054�
Ph: 408-988-2217
Fx: 408-988-2223

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Investment Focus
Market Segment:�Communications - Cellular & Handheld Computing
Geography:�North America
Fund:�Intel Communications
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