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Digital Ink, Inc.
Digital Ink was founded in 1998 to address the need for efficient universal input devices that can complement today's sophisticated voice, data, images and video communications. The company develops a wireless pen technology called n-scribe, which allows users to gather and store handwriting data, which can then be communicated over a cell phone or through any computing device or network, including the Internet. Digital Ink is a privately held company based in Wellesley, Mass.

Digital Ink's n-scribe is a wireless, electronic pen that lets you capture your handwriting in digital format, in real time, without the use of special pads or paper. The device, which looks, feels and writes like a traditional ink pen, lets users see what they are writing while the pen cover captures the handwritten information. With the n-scribe pen, users are able to transmit information in real time to any Web-enabled appliance, using infrared ports, serial connections or, in the future, Bluetooth technology. To transfer the document, the user connects to a cell phone, PDA or computer, and the pen transmits the information to Digital Ink's Internet portal. This Web site is designed to facilitate handwritten communication, and offers a variety of services such as e-mailing, faxing, handwriting recognition and, in the future, automatic language translation.

Nathan Katz, CEO
Mr. Katz brings to Digital Ink the substantial business experience necessary to implement the company's licensing and strategic partnership strategy.

Katz founded Dana Lighting in 1983. After being acquired by Catalina Lighting (NYSE) in 1989, Katz continued on as CEO and built Dana into the largest ($100+ million) supplier of portable residential lighting in the US. Customers included Staples, Office Depot, Wal-Mart, Kmart and Home Depot. Prior to starting Dana, Katz was Vice President of Sales for Malden Mills, the manufacturer of Polartec fabrics.

Katz graduated Yeshiva University Summa Cum Laude and received his MBA with Honors from Boston University. Katz is married and has five children.

Digital Ink, Inc.

70 Hastings Street
Ph: 781-235-2132
Fx: 781-235-2290

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Market Segment:�Computing - Corporate Technology
Geography:�North America
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