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Iridigm Display Corporation
Iridigm produces revolutionary reflective displays for mobile applications. Based on years of research conducted at MIT, Iridigm's Interference Modulator (iMoD) technology provides a new class of capabilities that other flat panel display technologies have yet to achieve. The mix of very high reflectivity in color, ultra low power and very low cost makes Iridigm display technology ideal for any mobile devices. Iridigm is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Iridigm will focus on building display components for mobile devices, suchas PDAs, digital cameras, GPS, advanced pagers, cell phones and otherwireless internet devices. All of these portable applications share the need for low power, paper-like flat panel displays that can convey rich,full-color information in any lighting condition.

Jean GastinelJean Gastinel, CEO
Dr. Gastinel has broad based management experience at both large companies and start-ups. - including Sun, Xerox, Thomson, PhotoAccess and FreeGate. He has had a particular focus on imagingand graphics applications for consumer electronic throughout his career including productslike Graphic chips, Document processing displays, Multifunction Digital copiers, Internet appliances and Digital Cameras.

Iridigm Display Corporation

2415 Third Street
Suite 235
San Francisco ,�CA�94107 �
Ph: 415-626-8800

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Market Segment:�Computing - Corporate Technology
Geography:�North America
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