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Disclaimer: Intel has invested in the companies described herein, but does not control the content of these descriptions. The information contained therein, including the company name, organizational structure or investor composition may have changed since the date of publication. Intel does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information or data in the descriptions and shall not be liable to any person, firm or corporation for any inaccuracies, errors in, or omission to any such information, or for any action taken in reliance thereon or for any damages arising therefrom. Intel disclaims any obligation to update any information, including its shareholdings in such companies

Portfolio Company
LinkAir Communications, Inc

LinkAir Communications, Inc

2901 Tasman Drive
Suite 109
San Jose, CA 95054
Ph: 408-869-2100
Fx: 408-869-2399

LinkAir is the developer of a patented technology for wireless telecommunication systems that significantly improves efficiency and coverage while substantially increasing network capacity over that of existing digital standards. LinkAir was founded in 1999 and has offices in Beijing and Silicon Valley. In December 2000, LinkAir was named one of the top 20 vanguard wireless firms for 3G (third generation) by Wireless Week.

LAS-CDMA (Large Area Synchronized) is a set of new spreading codes invented to reduce interference of air interfaces. This breakthrough technology overcomes many of the restrictions of the 3G evolution technologies:

  1. LAS-CDMA significantly enhances FDD systems resulting in higher capacity and faster data throughput.
  2. Enables TDD by expanding it to a large area solution and increasing TDD's mobility.
  3. It enables concurrent voice and high-speed data and delivers the highest spectrum efficiency.
  4. LAS-CDMA has a low system development cost because of the simplicity of the system. Through it's interference reduction technology it eliminates the need for many other components commonly utilized for interference control.
  5. It can further result in a low terminal cost because of the simplified power control utilized and due to reduced power consumption which will enable longer battery life.
  6. Low cost infrastructure upgrades or build out

Ting Zheng Ting Zheng, CEO
Ting Zheng is the co-founder and CEO of LinkAir Communications Inc. In this role, Ting is responsible for the overall management of LinkAir, as well as the development of LAS-CDMA and its distribution to wireless operators and handset and base station manufacturers worldwide. Prior to founding LinkAir, Ting earned a reputation within the wireless industry as the group manager at Sprint PCS - the wireless division of Sprint.


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