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Disclaimer: Intel has invested in the companies described herein, but does not control the content of these descriptions. The information contained therein, including the company name, organizational structure or investor composition may have changed since the date of publication. Intel does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information or data in the descriptions and shall not be liable to any person, firm or corporation for any inaccuracies, errors in, or omission to any such information, or for any action taken in reliance thereon or for any damages arising therefrom. Intel disclaims any obligation to update any information, including its shareholdings in such companies

Portfolio Company
WaveSplitter Technologies, Inc.

WaveSplitter Technologies, Inc.
(United States)

46430 Fremont Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538
Ph: 510-580-8888
Fx: 510-580-1395

WaveSplitter develops, manufactures, and markets high-performance optical components and modules based on fused fiber, planar lightguide circuit, and micro-optic technologies for use in next-generation optical communications networks. The company's products are designed to enable optical systems manufacturers and service providers to increase the capacity and reliability of optical networks; extend the reach of optical signals in core networks; and build flexible, scalable, and cost-effective metropolitan-area networks. The product portfolio includes pump laser combiners, optical channel interleavers, arrayed waveguide gratings, polarization beam combiners, couplers, narrow WDM products, isolators, and add/drop thin-film filters.

WaveSplitter currently has six distinctive product lines:

Amplifier Components:

  • WavePump(*) (Pump Laser Combiners, Polarization Beam Combiners)
  • WaveEssentials(*) (WDMs, Couplers, and Isolators)
DWDM Components:
  • WaveProcessor(*) F3T Interleaver
  • WaveArray(*) AWG
  • WaveMetro(*) Narrow WDM
Add/Drop Components:
  • WaveSelector(*) Add/Drop Filters

Bill Diamond Bill Diamond President and CEO
Bill Diamond received an MBA from Georgetown University and his Bachelor's degree in physics from Holy Cross College. Prior to joining WaveSplitter in July 2000, Mr. Diamond was vice president of marketing at E-TEK Dynamics, where he was responsible for product marketing and product management for E-TEK's line of fiber-optic components and subsystems. Previously, he was worldwide marketing director for Lucent Technologies Optoelectronics group.

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