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Intel Communications Fund
The Intel Communications Fund is a $500M equity investment fund that invests in technology companies developing innovative networking and communications solutions. The fund supports development of technologies for Intel® Internet Exchange" Architecture, telephony applications based on CT Media" telephony server software and wireless and cellular solutions built around the Intel� Personal Internet Client Architecture and the Intel� Xscale� Microarchitecture. In addition, the fund is expected to invest in applications and systems companies supporting other Intel voice and data communications initiatives.
Fund Overview
Important facts and information relating to the Intel Communications Fund.
Intel Communications Fund Portfolio
Find more details about the companies invested through the Intel Communications Fund.
Qualifying Investments
Learning more about qualifying investments.
Press Room: Networking
Visit the Intel pressroom for current news and events on the Intel Communications Fund, IX Architecture and telephony solutions based on CT Media. For additional information, please visit the
IX Architecture home page and Dialogic.

Intel® Personal Internet Client Architecture

The Intel� Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel® PCA), is designed to accelerate the development of next generation Internet applications on wireless devices.

This new architecture addresses all the necessary hardware and software elements for building next-generation wireless clients. Intel PCA is a scaleable architecture supporting all operating systems and global wireless standards for easy integration and expansion.

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