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Intel Capital Worldwide - Israel

Intel Capital investments in this geography are driven by Israel's position in the forefront of technology development and Intel's long-standing presence in this country. Intel Capital's Israeli investment strategy is focused on building and managing a portfolio based on the key technology areas of Intel Architecture computing, wireless and networking communications, semiconductor technology and research.

Intel Israel Innovation Center
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Portfolio Companies
Intel Israel Public Website
  Intel Israel Innovation Center (I3C)
The Intel Israel Innovation Center (I3C) identifies, invests and engages in the growth of breakthrough seed ideas and early stage companies through minority investments in areas that are of strategic interest to Intel. The center also brings Intel in as a strategic investor early in the start-up company lifecycle.

Contact Information
Shlomo Caine, Director, Intel Capital Israel
Telephone: 03-9207608; Fax: 03-9207648

Disclaimer: The content of the following company descriptions has been prepared by the respective companies and is not controlled by Intel.

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Additional information on this company will be forthcoming.

Airslide Systems, Inc.
Airslide Systems is a leading developer of IP-based solutions for wireless networks. Airslide's evolutionary product, the Airslide Signaling Gateway* (ASG) uses patent-pending technology to offload signaling traffic, significantly reducing carriers' costs and providing a seamless migration path to an all-IP backbone for 2G/2.5G/3G networks. The fully-scalable ASG leverages a carrier's existing infrastructure, preserving all SS7 functionality while relieving SS7 bottlenecks and reducing capital and operating expenses.

Baobab Technologies, Inc
Baobab software cost-effectively automates complex phone transactions that current speech recognition systems cannot address. The software incorporates unique natural language understanding (NLU) technology that puts a caller, as opposed to an automated system, in control of a call, enabling call centers to offer better customer service at a lower cost.

Bluesoft, Inc
Founded in 1999, Bluesoft, Inc. develops innovative security, usability and mobility solutions based on positioning technologies for the short-range wireless networks. Bluesoft's patent-pending distance measurement and location-finding technologies for Bluetooth and 802.11b networks provide application developers and OEMs with the tools to create an endless variety of new applications.

Cash-U is an Israeli company specializing in supplying Cellular Operators and WASPs with enabling technologies for mobile entertainment Value Added Services (VAS).

Chiaro Networks
Chiaro Networks Ltd., is headquartered in the Telecom Corridor* of Richardson, Texas with design centers in Richardson and Jerusalem, Israel. The company designs and manufactures breakthrough data switching solutions to remove the most challenging bottlenecks from carriers' optical backbones. This completely new class of product will allow carriers to deploy reliable data switching solutions with unprecedented scalability. With strong funding from high-profile venture capitalists and Intel Capital, Chiaro plans to expand its staff in Richardson and Israel to nearly 175 by the end of the year. For more information, visit

Additional information on this company will be forthcoming.

CyOptics, Inc.
CyOptics is pioneering a technological breakthrough in Indium Phosphide optical components. The company�s compact, high-performance devices and hybrid super components provide cost-effective solutions for next generation optical systems. Suited for both Metro and Long-Haul systems, CyOptics components reduce total cost of ownership in optical fiber networks. The company�s Indium Phosphide-based optical technology enables higher levels of integration, lower manufacturing costs, lower drive voltage, and reduced component size.

Demantra is a leading provider of consumer demand-driven supply chain solutions.

Exanet Inc.
Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, with research and development in Herzlia, Israel, Exanet Inc. has created one of the world's first ultrascalable storage systems for open platforms, the ExaStore System.

Gilian Technologies, Inc.
Gilian Technologies is a technology leader in Web security and availability. Gilian's unique approach of scrutinizing content as it exits the Web site ensures that even if the Web site has been hacked or defaced, a company's brand image, and the credibility of online information, will be preserved.

InfoCyclone helps companies solve their data retrieval performance problems, and protect the databases from unpredictable high volume traffic loads. InfoCyclone�s x-Trieve* products eliminate bottlenecks created by large numbers of users simultaneously accessing corporate and public databases, providing data retrieval throughput and speeds augmented by 10-100 times and more, while reducing equipment and maintenance costs, and simplifying the database infrastructure.
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Jungo Software Technologies Ltd.
Jungo Software Technologies is a leading provider of residential gateway software platforms and applications. Jungo�s flagship product, OpenRG, is a residential gateway software platform that enables Original Equipment Makers (OEMs) to bring broadband Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) such as Residential Gateways, Soho Gateways and Integrated Access Devices (IADs) to market quickly. Jungo also provides software development tools for embedded systems and telephony applications, which have millions of installations in the market to date. Founded in 1998, Jungo is a privately held company, backed by strong venture funding and strategic investors, including Infineon Ventures and Intel Communications Fund. Jungo�s corporate offices are located in Sunnyvale, California, with sales offices in Taipei, Taiwan, and an R&D center in Israel.

Kagoor Networks, Inc.
With its strong commitment to innovation, excellence, and superior technology, Kagoor�s mission is to provide the �missing link� for VoIP by helping service providers and enterprises overcome the technical roadblocks that have inhibited widespread commercial deployment of VoIP network services. Founded in early 2000, Kagoor is headquartered in San Mateo, California, and manages an R&D facility in Herzeliya, Israel.

Mellanox Technologies, Ltd.
Mellanox Technologies Ltd. develops InfiniBand semiconductor solutions for the communications, server, and data storage market segments. InfiniBand products from the company support the market for Host and Target Channel Adapters, switches, and solutions designed to enable high performance, reliable, I/O fabrics.

MuTek Solutions develops and markets software solutions that improves the availability and reliability of business critical software applications. The Company's Software Black Box Flight Recorders for software provides online alerts prior to system failures; record and playback software malfunctions and pinpoint the root cause of crashes and other errors in server and desktop applications.

Onset Technology
Onset Technology is a world�s leading provider of solutions that convert messages -- including fax, email and attachments - into device-independent information that individuals and businesses can easily and immediately access and use. The company�s METAmessage for Wireless and its ThruFax solutions are available as ASP service offerings for individuals and workgroups, enterprise offerings for corporations, and as carrier offerings for telco, ASP and ISP providers. Onset�s scalable solutions are built around its robust patent pending technologies and are sold by its extensive network of VARs, systems integrators and resellers.

ORAD Hi-Tec Systems
Founded in 1993, Orad is a world leader in virtual sets, virtual advertising, sports broadcasting tools and immersive sports web casting technologies. Orad's mission is to realize the potential of state-of-the-art technologies, real time image processing and 3D graphics technologies for the worldwide TV broadcasting, sports sponsorship and Internet markets.
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Additional information on this company will be forthcoming.

Phone-Or Ltd.
Phone-Or develops, markets and manufactures a patented revolutionary optical microphone system that incorporates its field-tested background noise suppression (BNS) technology for automotive telematics, cellular communications and PC environments. Phone-Or's technology is an enabling solution for speech recognition based applications by providing excellent sound quality, clearer speech and unparalleled noise-free communications.

Pulsicom Technologies
Additional information on this company will be forthcoming.

RealTimeImage is a private, venture capital-backed development company offering Internet-based high-resolution, collaborative imaging platforms for the graphic arts and medical communities. As a leading developer of online imaging and collaboration tools, RealTimeImage products deliver exceptional imaging quality and reliable collaboration in real time, enabling users to benefit from the global efficiencies of the Internet.

Riverhead Networks Inc.
Riverhead was founded in December 2000 by a team of professionals with vast technological expertise and extensive training in the fields of computer security. Using a series of complex algorithms to alert and prevent DDoS attacks, Riverhead's solutions allow uninterrupted operations, even in the midst of an unauthorized or malicious attack.

Sanctum, Inc.
Sanctum offers software solutions for the defense against the perversion of Web applications. Sanctum's software, works automously and continuously to monitor how individuals interact with Web applications. By detecting and defending against any unauthorized behavior, Sanctum prevents Web Perversion even is a site has unknown security holes or flaws.

Surf Communication Solutions Inc.
Surf is a leading provider of software remote access solutions for voice and data, integrated into OEM systems such as remote access servers, data/PSTN gateways, DSLAMS and switches. Surf's customers include premier OEMs in the telecommunications, data communications, and consumer electronics industry. Surf provides OEMS with global technical support and product integration services.

Tegrity is a leading developer of innovative solutions that move the classroom experience onto the Web while enhancing teaching in the classroom. The company's revolutionary technology helps teachers, trainers and business professionals develop rich "e-learning" content, using familiar tools in regular classrooms. The San Jose, California-based company was founded in 1995, with its R&D center based in Israel.

Teracross Ltd
TeraCross Ltd. is a fabless semiconductor company developing high-performance, switch fabric solutions of capacities ranging from 160Gbps to 5.28Tbs. The product offerings will serve high-end core and metro as well as SAN market segments. TeraCross' innovative GLIMPS* technology reliably scales to support low latency and Quality of Service requirements for hundreds of ports at data rates of 10-Gbps, 40-Gbps and beyond.

Unicorn Solutions, Inc.
Unicorn* Solutions Inc., founded on January 1, 2001 by Zvi Schreiber and Rannen Meir, is pioneer of the next generation in information integration. Unicorn's revolutionary architecture accumulates, manages and utilizes information independent of the underlying data formats.
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