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Intel Capital in Japan is investing in venture companies to deliver core technology, ecosystem and new market model enablers developing for the Internet economy. 2002 focus investment areas include wireless communications (i.e. Intel� PCA ecosystem for cell phones) and next generation semiconductor technology (i.e. equipment, tools) to drive further growth of both computing and communication market segments in Japan. Broadband services and enterprise solutions are also key interest areas in association with e-Japan2002 program being driven by the Japanese government. Through its marketing and technical assistance Intel Capital Japan is supporting the Japanese government.

Portfolio Companies
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Through its marketing and technical assistance Intel Capital Japan is supporting the Japanese portfolio companies, beyond the financial investment, to be successful in their business challenges.

Disclaimer: The content of the following company descriptions has been prepared by the respective companies and is not controlled by Intel.

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Additional information on this company will be forthcoming.

CareNet International, Inc.
We provide information services to medical professionals and medical institutions in Japan via commercial satellite and the Internet.

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Cybird Co., Ltd.
Cybird is one of Japan's leading mobile phone content developer with cutting edge technology and some of the best minds in mobile-focused strategic planning. Services from entertainment to information are provided to mobile content users via all of the main mobile phone carriers in Japan.

Founded in 1998, Cybird has already become a worldwide leader of mobile content in only two years. In addition to the over 100 experienced members at the Tokyo headquarters office, Cybird plans to open a US branch in the year 2000.

Cybird is a pioneer of the mobile phone content business in Japan and a matchless company whose content is officially available through all of the main Japanese mobile phone carriers.

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DWANGO Co., Ltd.
Established as a subsidiary of IVS(USA) in August,1997, DWANGO is one of the only system development company in Japan specializing in online interactive games, developing a library for online games and server technology.

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Famotik, Ltd.
Established in 1988 to develop and market 3D-based computer graphics technologies. The company soon moved into 3D Cad/Cam and now focuses on IT manufacturing industries with particular strength in 3D data handling and web. Famotik is quickly spreading its services and technologies to major Japanese manufacturers throughout Japan.

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Flex-Firm, Inc.
FLEX-Firm is the firm that creates solutions for ubiquitous computing. The era of the PC accessed Web is coming to an end. The new era is that of web content being delivered to multiple-terminals, such as mobile phones, PDAs, digital TVs, car navigation systems, or home IT Terminals.

You can get any kind of information anytime, and anywhere, you want. All information terminals and media are now being linked to form an integrated network.

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Just Planning Co., Ltd.
Just Planning (JP) is an application service provider specializing in the food service industry in Japan. Just Planning is a developing operating software, building network system, system consulting, and building & managing portal site.

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Nikon Corporation
Additional information on this company will be forthcoming.

Northern Lights Computer, Inc.
A leading Open Source solution provider, Northern Lights Computer designs high-performance products ranging from IA servers to storage systems that improve enterprise productivity. Evolving in tandem with the Internet, Northern Lights maintains a keen focus on development of Linux-based e-business solutions, putting us at the cutting edge of IT innovation.

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Additional information on this company will be forthcoming.

ORCA Vision, Inc.
ORCA Vision provides total streaming video services, which include production of programs, streaming of programs and marketing of streaming video with an international brand of Specialist IT Internet TV Station as its core. Find the possibility of streaming video through

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Twin Communications
Twin Communication, Inc. was established in February 1997, by Toshiya Machii, Nobuharu Hiruma, and Yoshito Kobayashi, all having previously worked for NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION or one of its subsidiary companies. Since The Company's establishment, it has been specializing in "system" construction on a large scale for electronic commerce with database. The Company increased its operating capital during March and April of 2000, to a total of 860 million Yen. The investors include Intel Pacific, Inc., DENTSU . COM, OKAYA & CO., LTD., and Gulliver International Corporation. The corporate goal is to provide one-stop service in electronic commerce-a comprehensive service with features of settlement, distribution, and customer service call center, as well as various ASP business support functions.

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