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Intel Capital Worldwide - Latin America
Latin America

Intel Capital's efforts in Latin America are focused on the 3 largest economies - Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. Of interest, but pursued less actively are investment opportunities in other countries such as Chile, Costa Rica and Venezuela.

Latin America
Portfolio Companies
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Investments are primarily focused on market development initiatives. Latin America represents a large market potential for Intel but international players are often late to come to this region. As such, these investments provide an opportunity for local players to better serve the markets and Intel Capital can help these companies accelerate the growth of the local Internet economy.

Investment strategies in the region center around 3 key themes:

1. Accelerate e-Business build-out both in mission critical environments and small to medium size businesses.

2. Accelerate data usage by cellular devices with key focus on Brazil and Mexico.

3. Accelerate deployment of last-mile broadband networks and services, as well as the build-out of IP networks.

Disclaimer: The content of the following company descriptions has been prepared by the respective companies and is not controlled by Intel.

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ArtinSoft S.A
ArtinSoft is a leader in enterprise software migration and upgrade technology. Founded in 1993, ArtinSoft's breakthrough Freedom technology and Consulting Services are used by enterprises worldwide to accelerate software evolution to modern platforms. ArtinSoft's cost-efficient, rapid and scaleable solutions empower companies to migrate and upgrade mission critical applications and to leverage the knowledge capital embedded in existing software assets.

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Broadband Tech
BroadbandTech offers high-speed Internet services to end-users through affiliation agreements with local cable operators. BBT has created a valuable revenue sharing strategy with cable operators in Argentina. Cable in Argentina covers more than 9 million homes passed and over 5 million subscribers. The company uses a combination of fiber and satellite to interconnect their NOC, local NAPs and affiliate POPs with the international backbone.

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Certant Inc.
Certant is a business and technology consulting firm serving blue chip clients in the Latin American region. It has offices both in Buenos Aires as well as in Mexico City. The company's growth up to date has been based on the implementation of e-Business platforms such as BroadVision, Intershop, and Microsoft, as well as its deep understanding of ERP, CRM and Supply Chain Management solutions. Certant was founded by MBAs from Harvard Business School and Insead. Previously they worked at Consulting firms Accenture, Booz, Allen & Hamilton, and McKinsey.

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Conectiva, Inc.
Conectiva was established in 1995 and is a Linux and Open Source software pioneer in Latin America with Portuguese, Spanish, and English distributions of its award winning Conectiva Linux operating system. The company has its headquarters in Curitiba, Brazil with branches in So Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia - Brazil; and Buenos Aires, Bogota and Mexico City.

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Miradores' mission is to become a technological leader in the development of applications for Video, Image and Audio services over digital networks, enhancing communications and interaction between companies and individuals.

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Modulo Security Solutions
Additional information on this company will be forthcoming.

Qualita is a local leader system integrator in Mexico, with 130MD annual revenue in corporate projects. In its three divisions: solutions, services and systems, collaborate 800 highly qualified technicians and consultants. Supported by their partners Intel, Microsoft, HP, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Filenet and others, guarantee successful design and deployment of its projects using local and global technology.

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