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Intel Capital Portfolio - Market Segment Intel Capital Portfolio - Market Segment
Communications Sector Investment Strategies

Intel Capital recognizes communications as a critical influence and usage model for the PC. Today, nearly all PCs in home and business use communications technology to augment the overall computing experience. In the future, communications technologies will become even more integrated into the PC and therefore are a critical element of the overall platform definition. Intel Capital investments play a key role in the development and execution of these business strategies.


Computing Sector Investment Strategies

Intel Capital looks at the entire ecosystem as it evaluates computing sector investments servers (both 32-bit and 64-bit), clients (PCs), services and content and searches for technology or content gaps. Intel Capital systematically invests to help fill these gaps, aiming to speed the development and usage of the Internet with a philosophy that increasing Internet usage will correspondingly increase demand for Intel products. This ecosystem investment approach can also help optimize the design, manufacture and delivery of Intels wide-range of products and services.

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