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Intel in Communications  Our Focus

Our Focus
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Intel in Communications:
Delivering the Competitive
Edge (1.31MB PDF)

"One of our most important opportunities is converging computing and communications into a new geography, a world where all devices are compatible, technology can increasingly connect more easily and everything operates everywhere. Working together, we can expand converged voice and data capabilities into the connected world we live with every day smart kitchens, cars, offices, and a vast array of intelligent devices. Of course, all of this takes high performance, high density processing. At a given point, we will be putting billions of transistors on a chip to enable a new, more integrated continuum of computing and communications products and services."
Pat Gelsinger, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Intel Corporation
Delivering the competitive edge Intel is committed to be a long-term, high-quality provider of standards- based communications building blocks.

It's a new world out there communications and wireless equipment manufacturers are faced with intense competitive and economic pressures. They're looking to get their products to market more quickly and at lower costs, while maintaining the high levels of reliability and service that are required in communications. Products need to be flexible enough to enable innovative new services and support emerging standards over time.

As a result, original and telecommunications equipment manufacturers are transitioning to new approaches that use standards-based building blocks and away from more expensive and time-consuming proprietary approaches. Intel has long been a leader in advanced manufacturing technologies and processing architectures that enable the design and production of high volume, high-performance, high-reliability solutions.

These core competencies have helped Intel become one of the world's leading suppliers of communications building blocks enabling the development of low-cost modular networking equipment and advanced, data-enabled wireless clients. The goal is to provide the flexibility, cost savings and faster time-to-market necessary in the communications industry today and build a bridge to the communications network and services of tomorrow.

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