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Intel in Communications  Core Competencies

Core Competencies Expanding Into CommunicationsCore Competencies Expanding Into Communications

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Manufacturing Expertise
Technology Innovation
Developer Community

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Intel's extensive experience in manufacturing, process technology and silicon design are now being applied to successfully create, build and distribute chips and integrated components specifically for the communications industry. In addition, Intel plays an active role in major standards bodies in order to ensure wider compatibility, and continually supports the development of complementary products and solutions.
Manufacturing Expertise
"We're taking our core competency in technology and manufacturing and customizing it specifically for our communications products . . ."

Sunlin Chou
Senior Vice President and General Manager
Intel Technology and Manufacturing Group
Technology Innovation
"In terms of how we foster innovation, we are doing the research to advance pieces of the technology that are our expertise."

Dr. Kevin C. Kahn
Director, Communications and Interconnect Technology
Intel Labs
Developer Community
"A new development model is emerging that allows hardware and software developers to quickly develop new offerings in an open, standards-based environment."

Ron Smith
Senior Vice President and General Manager
Wireless Communications and Computing Group
"The telecommunications industry has experienced a decade's worth of change in the past year . . . as a result, we see a rapidly emerging pattern of designs using standards-based building blocks, enabling lower-cost platforms and faster time-to-market."

Sean Maloney
Executive Vice President and General Manager,
Intel Communications Group