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Intel in Communications  Core Competencies Manufacturing Expertise

Intel in Communications
Manufacturing Expertise
"We're taking our core competency in technology and manufacturing and customizing it specifically for our communications products applying what we've learned over 30 years to serve a broader range of businesses while still taking advantage of Intel's economies of scale. Just one example is our leadership in 0.13-micron technology, which we've already applied to our flash memory products for the communications market segment. Now we're applying it to a wider range of specialized communications building blocks, helping to lower component and system costs. This is an important part of Intel's long-term commitment to serve the computing and communications industries."
Sunlin Chou, Senior VP and General Manager, Technology and Manufacturing Group

Intel's world-class semiconductor design and manufacturing expertise translates into highly-integrated, high-performance, low-power communications components that enable the lower system costs required by our customers.

Ever since Moore's Law was first postulated at Intel in the 1960s, the company has succeeded in delivering continual increases in processing power at low cost. Last year, Intel was first with cost-saving 0.13-micron technology on 300mm wafers, and has now developed the world's smallest, fastest transistor providing increased processing density.

Find Out More

Get the details around Intel Research & Development efforts in the areas of silicon technology and manufacturing.

Read an overview and download presentations detailing the advantages of the 300 mm wafer manufacturing process

Download white papers explaining the .13 micron manufacturing process, including information on the TeraHertz transistor, which delivers high performance combined with low power requirements

Read how Intel continues to make Moore's Law a reality by developing breakthroughs.

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