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Intel in Communications   Key Technologies   Ethernet
Ethernet High-Performance, Cost-EffectiveEthernet High-Performance, Cost-Effective


Web-Based Training
Visit the Intel Learning Network for comprehensive Web-based training on Intel products and solutions, including Security, Gigabit Ethernet, Wireless Networking and more.

The New Ethernet
Learn how Intel's innovations in Ethernet connectivity create high-performance, low-cost solutions for new markets.

Twenty years ago, Intel helped co-develop the technology that changed how people share information. Today, Ethernet remains the universal technology of choice in enterprise LANs. Intel will expand on its Ethernet leadership in the LAN as this technology emerges into new market segments, including wireless networking, networked storage, and metropolitan area networks through 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology.

Intel is helping the industry take Ethernet:

To greater speeds and mobility in the LAN from Fast Ethernet to Gigabit Ethernet for wired networks, and 802.11x for emerging wireless LANs.

Beyond the LAN to storage area networks and metropolitan area networks, for high-speed connectivity at low cost.

With more than 150 million Ethernet units shipped worldwide and dozens of new products in development, Intel remains an industry leader in providing proven, standards-based Ethernet solutions that offer greater flexibility, lower-cost, and superior interoperability.

Ethernet connectivity starts here: Increase productivity by building scalable Gigabit performance into your network - even to your desktops.
Wireless Ethernet
Intel frees you from the wired network with wireless Ethernet products that let you work when and where you're most productive.
Ethernet Components
For developers, Intel's vast array of networking products and technologies are the building blocks for high-performance, lower-cost Ethernet solutions.
System Management Software
The Intel systems management solution allows IT managers to do more with less. Heterogeneous networks can be managed from a Web or Windows* console, allowing software and hardware inventory, reporting, remote control and software distribution.


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