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Ethernet Connectivity
Optical Connectivity
Communications Processing
Carrier-Grade Telecom Solutions
Applied Computing Platform Providers
Product Showcase
Ethernet Connectivity

20 years ago Intel® helped co-develop the technology that changed how people share information. Today, Ethernet remains the universal technology of choice in enterprise LANs. Intel will expand on its Ethernet leadership in the LAN as this technology emerges into new market segments, including wireless 802.11 networking, networked storage, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology.

Intel® SPI4-2 Ethernet MAC Family

10-port, 1Gbps MAC with SerDes enables a non-blocking, fiber Gigabit solution
SP14-2 operation with Dynamic Phase Alignment offers robust signal integrity
Standard SPI4-2 interface maximizes re-use of system level hardware design

Read more about Intel's line of Ethernet products and solutions.

Intel® 10 Gigabit Ethernet Technology

Demonstrating 10 Gigabit Ethernet server connections for enterprise applications
1310nm serial single-mode fiber connections for extended distances
Intel® XENPAK optical transceiver for design flexibility

Desktop Gigabit Application Performance

Enables higher bandwidth networks to eliminate bottlenecks
10/100/1000Mbps auto-negotiation enhances network performance and flexibility
Lower support costs through advanced management capabilities

Learn more about Intel's Gigabit Ethernet technology.

Intel® PRO/Wireless 5000 LAN Dual Access Point

Simultaneous 802.11 a and b technology operation maximizes flexibility
Software configurable antenna adjusts radio coverage area for office or work environments
Power Over Ethernet replaces the need for an external power supply

Recent winner of the 2002 Product of the Year at the Spring Networld+Interop. Learn more.

Optical Connectivity

The demand for leading-edge performance, extended reach, and reduced power consumption continues to grow in optical networking. Service providers need to be able to choose from a range of optical solutions that reduce infrastructure build-out and lower costs. Intel provides world-class discreet components and higher integration level solutions for multi-protocol and multi-rate networks to meet these demands. By incorporating leading edge technologies and manufacturing with a high-volume, low-cost approach, Intel enables the development of a wide-range of solutions that accelerate the deployment of services, reduce cost, and ease migration to higher bandwidth.

10 Gbps Multi Protocol Line Card for Metro Transport
Demonstration of SONET OC-192c, 10 Gigabit Ethernet and G.709 Optical Transport Network switching rates (10.7, 10.3, 9.953 Gbps) and transmission of actual data/packets through a 10Gbps multi-protocol optical linecard. The GUI and demo platform enabler helps send and analyze the SONET and Ethernet traffic. The demonstration includes the following flexible standard building blocks; IXF18101 multi protocol optical framer/MAC providing 10GbE LAN/WAN and SONET/POS mapping; IXF30007 G.709 OTN processor providing Enhanced Forward Error Correction and Digital Wrapping; and TXN13303 multi rate optical transceiver (module).

Communications Processing

The rapid growth and evolution of the Internet continues to create increased demand for sophisticated, converged services at reduced costs - both at the network edge and within the core network infrastructure. Reduced capital expenditures are driving equipment providers to find cost-effective solutions, resulting in demand for standards-based building blocks that can be easily integrated to enable new, intelligent services.

Cisco PIX 515E Firewall*

Adaptive Security Algorithm offers stateful inspection and connection-oriented firewall
Provides efficient SMB and enterprise network protection
Simultaneous session and VPN tunnel support maximizes remote access productivity

High-Availability PICMG* 2.16 Packet Switched Systems

Standards based building blocks for multiple applications
Intel® NetStructure" ZT5088 enables five nines availability
High performance System Master Processor Boards provide scalable processing power
Intel® NetStructure" ZT 5090 4U General Purpose Packet Switched Platform. As seen in Craig Barrett's keynote presentation.

Intel® Multi-Protocol Label Switching QoS Router

Flexible, network processor based design enables MPLS, QoS and ATM at OC-3 line rates
Integrated control plane/data plane functionality delivers rich services
Complete, tested application significantly reduces time-to-market

Intel® IXDP2400 Advanced Development Platform

Supports rapid development, debugging and optimization for access and edge applications
Provides flexible integration and testing of processor, memory and media configurations
Rich suite of design tools and documentation minimize development risk, speed time to market

Advanced IP Routing Solution

Integrates IP Infusion* routing protocols with Teja* forwarding plane
Optimized, fully customizable and portable for high performance and faster time-to-market
Quickly integrates protocols into OEM platforms

Classification Processing on Intel® IXP1200

Integrates seamlessly with Intel® IXDP1200 development system
Enables prototyping of applications with content inspection needs up to Layer 7
Allows for prototyping of applications with stateful content inspection using optional CAM daughter card

Network Processor- based IPv6 Router Solution

Quick seamless integration of best-of-breed IPv6 routing stacks
Network Processing Forum API's expedite the development of new applications
High performance packet processing with Intel® IXA Network Processors

Intel® Intelligent Roaming Vision

Roaming technology to enhance your mobile products
Simple, protected wireless connectivity using standards-based interoperability
Continuously connected and reachable

Intel® IXP225 Reference Platform (Residential Gateway with Linux*)

Turnkey residential gateway solution
Comprehensive residential gateway feature set for greater design flexibility
Complete tool chain for Linux-based Development Environment

SimpleAccess 8010 Managed Services ADSL Router

Realize new revenue with firewall and VPN as value-added managed services
Eliminate truck rolls, improve customer satisfaction with exclusive profile key technologyRemotely control CPE configuration and add premium features

Carrier-Grade Telecom Solutions

Intel understands that carriers and service providers need a platform that offers choice -- choice of hardware vendors, choice of operating system, choice of middleware, choice of applications, and finally choice of level of integration. Intel's carrier-grade platform solutions allow the deployment of new services quickly and effectively, as the user needs change. Intel® carrier grade servers are specifically designed for wireless and wireline infrastructure, from access to core to backend.

Enabling Media Gateways at Multiple Levels of Integration

Providing building blocks, from silicon to boards, for faster time to market
Integrated boards and reference platforms lower development costs and risks
Media signal processor delivers carrier-grade performance and voice quality

Enhanced Switching Services Platform Provided by APEX

Get to market fast with rapid service creation environment
Enhanced Services powered by Intel® NetStructure" Building Blocks
Seamless migration from legacy systems

Amnis Network Video Solutions for Enterprise Applications

Industry compliant to transparently 'plug-in' to existing systems and networks for ease of deployment.
Improves communication and distribution of time-sensitive information by enabling high quality video with lowest latency.
Enhances video surveillance and remote security with high quality and network manageable solutions.
Provides a configurable, scalable and customizable solution for system flexibility.

Langley and Mullins Server Management

NEBS-3/ETSI certified Intel® Architecture-based Carrier Grade Server with powerful server management features
Choice of multiple operating systems, middleware, and applications
Higher performance at lower price point
Availability through multiple OEMs

Software-Only Media Processing and Call Control Solution

A software replacement for CTI hardware that leverages continually improving server technology
Accelerates application development and lowers service deployment and maintenance costs
Ideal for VoIP Services: IVR, voicemail, UM, CRM, conferencing, Centrex.

HP Opencall SS7 Software Developer Kit for Linux*

Easily installed without expert support
Includes application loop back test environment between two SS7 stacks
Includes one-month technical assistance at no charge

FirstClass* Unified Communications for Service Providers

Increase average revenue per subscriber through a FirstClass* Services Suite
Decrease subscriber churn rates through an array of "sticky" services
Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by using a scalable, high performance open infrastructure

ZeroNines* Transactional Multicast*

Data Accessibility - data multicasted to multiple hubs
Security - using Telco Central Offices' Firewalls
Application Availability - processor and communication lines always available
Disaster Tolerance - redundant data storage and servers

Applied Computing Platform Providers

The Applied Computing Platform Provider (ACPP) program is a group of global third party vendors who have world-class solutions that complement Intel's silicon, products, and technologies. The products available from the ACPPs include hardware, software, system integration, and professional services. The ACPPs work very closely with Intel and our customers to define, develop, and deliver solutions for demanding communications applications. They also are involved in ground-breaking research and development activities helping OEMs meet the challenging needs of the communications market.

Dual Intel® Pentium® III processor-based Motherboard

This motherboard is based on Intel's Performance Appliance Platform reference design and specially designed for Firewall, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Network Management appliances. Uses two Intel® Pentium® III processors running at 1.26 GHz and two Intel® 82544GC Gigabit Ethernet controllers for high-performance processing and IO throughput in enterprise appliance applications.

DTI* Industrial Computer Products

DTI's* single board computers achieve the highest level of integration possible, in PCI/ISA and CompactPCI*form factors. The slot card technology, pioneered by DTI, and utilizing a passive backplane approach, is now standard for the industrial and commercial products. DTI provides a comprehensive array of PCI and CompactPCI* boards which mix and match features into nearly any desired combination, with the goal being to provide all customer requirements on a single plug-in card, thus allowing more slots available for add-on functionality.

XL-VHDS Carrier-class CompactPCI* Platform for SAN

Kontron's XL-VHDS carrier class CPCI Platform*, offers the flexibility needed when developing a new telco platform, while maintaining cost under control and improving customer's time-to-market. It is compliant with open industry wide specifications such as CPCI and PICMG* 2.16, features modular components that offer high flexibility while meeting the stringent requirements of telcom carriers.

MontaVista Linux* Carrier Grade Edition on Intel® Architecture platform

MontaVista Linux* Carrier Grade Edition on Intel® Architecture is the industry's first "carrier-grade" Linux platform. It is a standards-based, open architecture software platform for telecommunications systems with hardened Linnux-designed for high-reliability and availability.

Communication Appliance Platforms

The series of communication appliance are hardware platforms with open Intel architecture that enable the porting of a variety of security and management applications. It boasts a high-level of hardware commonality, enabling ISV and ODM customers to leverage the developing resource and also time, and reduce the total cost of ownership and risk. Ease-of-doing-business, full product selection from small desktop to rack-mount, competent and professional support make Portwell to be one-stop shopping platforms solution to our customers.

QNX Momentics PE Mandelbrot* for the Intel® Chipset

QNX real-time OS provides a powerful, massively scalable, reliable foundation for embedded applications including message passing, POSIX thread, scheduling and synchronization services. QNX Momentics PE optimizes SMP, by distributing computational workload across multiple CPU's and achieving enormous scaling and cost advantages. Based on Intel® Netburst� Technology, Intel® E7500 chipset, the demo showcases both SMP and Intel's Hyper threading technology.

RadiSys EPC-6315 PrPMC*

The RadiSys EPC-6315* is an ultra-dense form factor high performance CPU complex ideal for demanding applications like high-density server farms and protocol stack offloads in 2.5/3G wireless gateways. The EPC-6315 is also an ideal solution for handling the Layer 4+ processing in high performance routers as well as serving as the compute element in Network Storage applications. This demo will show the EPC-6315 booting and running performance applications in both Linux* and VxWorks*.

Boot-NIC* - Network Boot Windows*

Venturcom's Boot-NIC* allows you to run Windows* based embedded systems without the use of any local storage such as a hard drive or flash. With Boot-NIC, your server blades, thin clients, or any remote clients can run and execute Windows XP/2K with no local persistent storage. This results in lower costs, improved system management, greater reliability and enhanced security. With multicast technology you can boot dozens of systems in the same time it takes you to boot one.

XPI* Single Board Computer

Trenton's XPI* incorporates an Intel® Xeon" processor and E7500 chip set into a rugged PCI/ISA single board computer. The XPI was designed with challenging industrial computing needs in mind. The features on Trenton's XPI, will help with the ever increasing need to process more computing data faster. Best of all, it is from Trenton, a name recognized for delivering quality, manufactured in the USA, with delivery times measured in days, not weeks.

EndurX* 25K Platform for Ultra Availability Solutions

Force's EndurX* 25K UA system offers a new concept in embedded systems. Rather than offering individual High Availability (HA) components, it is an "Ultra Availability" system-a fully integrated application platform with redundant platform controllers providing an SNMP remote management interface, HA middleware, software upgradeability with fall-back functionality in a fully redundant HA Architecture to enable "five nines" and "six nines" application availability. Based on a PICMG* 2.16-compliant, NEBS Level 3 design with 14 SBC node slots, the system offers redundant master nodes configurable to an additional 12 Linux*/Intel® processor client nodes and optionally a Fiber Channel storage solution for persistent disk storage.

Product Showcase

Intel's product showcase features the latest technology and products in communications processing, optical networking and Ethernet connectivity.

Intel® LXT16726/27 9.95/10.7 Gbps Low Power SerDes Chip set
Intel® LXT16865 High Gain Transimpedance Amplifier
Intel® IXP2400 Network Processor
Intel® PRO/1000 MF Dual Port Server Adapter
Intel® PRO/1000 MF Server Adapter
Intel® NetStructure" DMN160TEC Network Interface Board
Intel® NetStructure" IPT6720C High Density IP Telephony Board
Taking Photonics to the Next Level of Integration
Intel® Arrayed Waveguide Grating MUX/DeMUX
Intel® XPAK 10-Gigabit Optical Transceiver Prototype
Intel® TXN13200/01 Small Form Factor 10-Gbps Optical Transceivers
Intel® TXN13303 Multi-Rate 10Gbps Optical Transceiver
Intel® TXN17401 XENPAK Optical Transceive
Intel® IXF18101/2/3/4 Family of 10-Gbps Multi-Protocol MAC/Framer Device
Force IXP/CPCI-910
Teja NP Software Platform for Intel Network Processor Family
RadiSys ENP-2506 Intelligent PCI Packet Processing Engine
Intel® IXP425 Network Processor

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