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Silicon. Starndards. Solutions. Intel in Communications Networking, Telecommunications, and Wireless
For A Connected World. Intel is the world's largest communications chip manufacturer, shaping the future of computing and communications. We are committed to providing critical communications technologies, components, and solutions for businesses worldwide. Learn more about our focus.
What's New
Intel at Supercomm
Find out what Intel shared at Supercomm about the future of communications via Craig Barrett's keynote presentation, extensive panel participation, and a booth containing over 20 product and technology demonstrations.
Intel's Vision for Communications Equipment
May 28th, 2002 --"Intel Offers Industry Vision for Standard Blade-Based Communications Servers and Equipment: Announces Modular Platform Design Guide for Hardware and Software Developers."
Inside the Future in Wireless
Read how Intel, the world's leading supplier of flash memory inside next-generation wireless handheld devices, is meeting the needs of the wireless industry.
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