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storageanywhere: Intel and the Transition to Networked Storage

Intel� RAID Controller SRCU32
The RAID controller SRCU32 is a high-performance dual-channel Ultra 160 SCSI based RAID solution built with the new Intel� I/O 80303 processor.

Integrated I/O Processor
The Intel® IOP321 I/O processor is a building block for new storage devices.

Intel® Xeon" processor and Intel® E7500 chipset
Announcing the Intel® Xeon" processor with 512KB L2 cache at 2.0 GHz and the Intel® E7500 chipset

Low Voltage Intel® Pentium® III processor
Introducing the Low Voltage Intel® Pentium® III processor with 512K Cache at 800 MHz

Intel® PRO/1000 T IP Storage Adapter
Intel brings Gigabit Ethernet to storage networks.

Intel® XScale" Technology: eXcitement in Communications
Discover what's new as Intel delivers exciting new communications products based on Intel® XScale" technology.

Intel supplies a wide range of interoperable building blocks and finished products compatible with existing Ethernet storage environments. This open approach fosters a community of providers who are accelerating the availability of interoperable, networked storage solutions that result in lower total costs of storage development and ownership.

Increasing Internet content, rich e-mail, and e-Commerce are driving rapid growth in the volume of data moving across public and enterprise IP networks. The demand for affordable and accessible storage, available anywhere on the network, requires a new mix of complementary technologies and building blocks.

Intel's storage building blocks will include iSCSI, S-ATA, InfiniBand* architecture, and 3GIO enabled solutions that meet the requirements of storage systems while helping to reduce systems costs. From innovations in affordable RAID on motherboard technology - to Ethernet host adapters with iSCSI capability and Intel® architecture-based storage platforms, Intel is helping the industry meet the demand for intelligent, highly available storage - available anywhere on the network.

The Transition to Networked Storage
Important storage transitions are underway, enabled by emergence of complementary networking and I/O technologies. These trends involve SCSI commands over IP (iSCSI), Serial ATA (S-ATA), InfiniBand* architecture, Third Generation I/O (3GIO), and Object-Based Storage Devices (OSD).

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Industry Participation
Intel actively creates and promotes industry standard specifications around the technologies driving the evolution to networked storage, assisting the technical community in providing quicker time to market and lower total cost of ownership for solutions.

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Intel® Storage Building Blocks
To enable the transition to networked storage, Intel delivers validated storage building blocks based on core competencies in processor, connectivity, and bridging technologies.

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