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Intel in Communications   Key Technologies   Communications Processing
Communications Processing Standards-Based, High-PerformanceCommunications Processing Standards-Based, High-Performance

Advanced Intel® IXA Network Processors
Intel announces the first line of full-programmable NPUs capable of delivering rich services at line speeds up to 10Gbps.

Internet Storage Building Blocks
Introducing an integrated Intel® XScale" technology-based I/O processor that reduces cost and design complexity for storage devices.

Intel® IXA Developer Network
Members announce products at Supercomm 2002 supporting Intel's Network Processors

Intel Developer Forum
Spring 2002 Intel Developer's Forum: view keynote highlights, presentations, announcements and more.

The rapid growth and evolution of the Internet continues to create increased demand for sophisticated, converged services at reduced costs - both at the network edge and within the core network infrastructure. Reduced capital expenditures are driving equipment providers to find cost-effective solutions, resulting in demand for standards-based building blocks that can be easily integrated to enable new, intelligent services.

Intel and its broad ecosystem of solutions developers deliver the greatest choice of standards-based, high-performance packet and application processing building blocks for modular networking solutions.

Our innovative approach gives you the benefits of:

  • Lower system and operating costs
  • Extended time-in-market
  • Faster deployment of intelligent services
Intel® IXA Network Processors
The growing family of Intel® IXA Network Processors enables flexible, wire speed processing from Customer Premises to the Network Core.

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Networked Storage
Intel delivers a variety of storage building blocks based on core competencies in processor, connectivity, and bridging technologies: embedded Intel® architecture processors and chipsets, iSCSI host bus adapters, server products, storage processors, RAID controllers, and bridges.

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Intel® XScale(TM) Technology
Designed to optimize low-power consumption and high-performance processing for a wide range in Internet devices, networking applications and rich services.

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Voice Over Packet
These building blocks help OEMs design carrier-grade Voice over Packet (VoP) network equipment with higher channel density, greater flexibility, higher reliability and lower power than existing solutions.

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Intel(r) Architecture Processors
Intel® Architecture processors, chipsets and other building blocks provide the combination of performance, scalability, and software-based upgradability to meet the growing requirements of next-generation networks.

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