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Intel in Communications   Key Technologies   Wireless

product shot Wireless Performance and Mobility
Intel offers silicon and board-level building blocks and related software to support the two fastest-growing areas of wireless communications today: wireless Internet clients, and wireless networking.

Handheld & Wireless solutions Journal
The Wireless and Handheld Solutions Journal is a quarterly publication serving the Intel® Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel® PCA) community.

Intel® PCA White paper
The wireless world is moving rapidly toward a data-centric environment. Therefore new data handling and data processing capabilities must be integrated into the wireless domain.

Wireless Internet Clients

The Intel® Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel® PCA) provides an open architectural framework for development of next-generation wireless Internet devices, applications and services. Intel® PCA separates wireless communication and application subsystems, improving functionality and speeding time-to-market.
Wireless WAN
Intel is supplying superior multimedia and communication-capable components for next-generation wireless devices.
PCA Developer Network
  Intel has built a comprehensive development and support environment which offers all of the resources for wireless success.

Wireless Networking
Intel's Wireless Ethernet products make it easy for people to work when and where they're most productive. Building on its expertise in wired networking, Intel offers the broadest selection of wireless Ethernet LAN solutions to enhance mobility in the enterprise and provide "instant infrastructure" for new deployments.
Wireless LAN
Intel's wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) products provide private, trusted, high-speed connectivity.
Network Connectivity
  Ethernet connectivity products from Intel enhance performance, security and networked storage.


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