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Intel in Communications   Intel® XScale" Technology
Intel® XScale(TM) Technology - eXcitement in Communications
New Products Build on Intel XScale Technology

As the communications industry moves to standards-based, cost-effective building blocks, Intel is committed to helping equipment manufacturers compete more effectivelyusing industry-leading technologies such as the Intel® XScale" Technology. Designed to optimize low power consumption and high performance, this technology allows development of wireless and networking applications that are higher in processing capabilities to accommodate rich new services.


See What's New at IDF Spring 2002
Check out the recent press announcements made by software and hardware developers supporting Intel® XScale" technology.

Don't miss all the new Intel� XScale� technology news and product announcements.

Listen or read the Intel in Communications IDF keynote presentations.

NEW Intel® IXA Network Processors and I/O Processors
See the newest portfolio of Intel® IXA Network Processors tailored to meet the solutions requirements from the customer premise to the network coreIntel® IXP2400, Intel® IXP2800, and Intel® 425 Network Processors. The new Intel® IOP321 I/O Processor supports the development of intelligent networked storage applications.

Intel® Applications Processors
Intel XScale technology is delivering industry-leading performance per watt for applications processors capable of powering data-enabled cell phones and handheld devices, where extended battery life is essential. The new Intel® PXA250 Applications Processor represents the next advance in handheld multimedia functionalitydiscover why it's ideal for advanced devices running leading-edge mobile applications.

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Intel® XScale(TM) Technology
Designed to optimize low-power consumption and high-performance processing for a wide range in Internet devices, networking applications and rich services.

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Intel® Internet Exchange Architecture (Intel® IXA)
Learn how Intel® IXA Network Processors incorporate Intel XScale technology to provide high-performance, low-power processing for communications applications. You'll also find information on the Intel® IXA Developer Network.

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Network Processing
Programmable network processing units (NPUs) are replacing custom ASICs as the preferred packet handling solution. Learn why NPUs are the wave of the future.

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Intel® Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel® PCA)
See how Intel®  PCA is being used with Intel XScale technology to develop smaller, more cost-effective handheld devices. Find out how you can join the Intel® PCA Developer Network.

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