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Intel® Celeron® Processor - Application Notes

VRM 8.4 DC-DC Converter Design Guidelines
VRM 8.5 DC-DC Converter Design Guidelines
Intel® Celeron® Processor (PPGA) with the Intel® 440LX AGPset
Intel® 440BX AGPset / PGA370 Flexible Platform Design Guide
Intel® Celeron® Processor (PPGA) with the Intel® 440ZX-66 AGPset
Support Component Test Requirements: Environmental and Reliability Testing
370-Pin Socket (PGA370) Design Guidelines
PGA370 Heat Sink Cooling in MicroATX Chassis.
Write Combining Memory Implementation Guidelines
AP-485 Intel Processor Identification and the CPUID Instruction
AP-585 Pentium® II Processor GTL + Guidelines
AP-587 Slot 1 Processor Power Distribution Guidelines
CK97 Clock Synthesizer Design Guidelines

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