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Chipsets for Mobile Computing

Mobile Intel® 845 Chipset Family
Intel(R) 845 chipset family

Product overview:
The Mobile Intel® 845 Chipset family includes two new chipsets, the 845MP and 845MZ. Both are designed, validated and optimized for the Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor - M. The Intel® 845MP Chipset supports external graphics and Intel® 845MZ Chipset is optimized for value systems. These new platforms deliver the benefits of Intel® quality, reliability and stability that businesses need to deploy mobile computers with maximum ROI and performance headroom for the future.

The Intel 845MP/MZ Chipset family (82845MP/MZ Memory Controller Hub) offers external AGP 4X graphics support, a 400MHz processor system bus, and DDR 266 MHz SDRAM for up to 1GB memory support. DDR memory offers high reliability and consumes minimal power, critical to the mobile PC platform. The Intel 845MP/MZ Chipset family also supports Enhanced Intel® SpeedStep® technology, Deep and Deeper Sleep low power alert states, AGP Busy# that ensures a reliable mobile power management state transitions, and an internal mobile clock manager that automatically turns off the chipset clock during power management states.

The ICH3-M (82801 CAM I/O Controller Hub 3) makes a direct connection to 845MP/MZ for smoother and faster access to peripherals, providing more benefit for extended PC usage models.

Additionally, the chipset uses Intel's advanced mBGA packaging and supports 6 USB ports and Intel's I/O Hub Architecture that delivers fast communications and reduces latency time for I/O operations.

Intel® 845MP Chipset Features & Benefits
400 MHz system bus Delivers a high-bandwidth connection between the Pentium® 4 processor and the platform
Intel®' I/O Hub architecture Provides a high bandwidth (266MB/s) I/O pipe that delivers fast communications and reduces latency time for I/O operations.
DDR 200/266 Choice of memory technology to support a full range of price/performance requirements up to 1GB
AGP4X interface Provide the most advanced graphics support available, enabling over 1 GB/s of graphics bandwidth interface for high-quality 2D, 3D, and video streams
Enhanced Intel® Speedstep" technology Real-time dynamic switching of voltage and frequency between maximum performance and battery-optimized operation, based on CPU demand, for longer battery life
Deeper Sleep Alert State New dynamic power management mode operates at 66% lower voltage than Deep sleep mode for longer battery life
Advanced power management Supports ACPI 2.0 compliant for the latest power management and legacy power management with APM 1.2 compliant.
Ultra ATA/100 Takes advantage of the latest industry innovations in HDD features and performance
Latest AC97 Controller Excellent audio quality, with up to six channels for full surround sound capability including a simultaneous modem connection
Thin & Small Package Technology 845MP/MZ uses Intel's most advanced Flip-Chip Ball Grid Array (FCBGA) packaging that is excellent for reducing package size and improves the chipset cooling capability.

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