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Product Overview

The STEL-1175 Modulated Numerically Controlled Oscillator (MNCO) features high frequency resolution and extremely low spurious signal levels as well as a high maximum operating frequency. The STEL-1175 also features phase modulation and very high frequency switching rates, both up to 25% of the clock frequency.


  • 32-bit frequency resolution provides 30 milli-Hz @ 125 MHz clock
  • 12- bit PM resolution, 0.09� phase steps from 0 to 2� radians
  • Can be used for linear PM, pulse-shaped PSK, QAM,or FSK
  • Very high speed frequency hopping or modulation � maximum update speed 32 nsecs
  • 12- bit sine or cosine output
  • 12- bit phase output available continuously or strobed
  • High spectral purity � all spurs < �75dBc
  • 125 MHz maximum clock frequency over commercial operating conditions
  • Evaluation board available (STEL-1275)
  • 68- pin PLCC and CLDCC packages

STEL-1175+125 Technical Documentation
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