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Product Overview

The STEL-1178A features two completely independent 32-bit, 80 MHz Modulated Numerically Controlled Oscillators with 3-bit phase modulation in a single package. It provides a compact, low cost solution to applications requiring two independently controlled precision frequency sources. Separate registers control the functions of the two NCOs, making the device very easy to program. The 12-bit outputs provide -75 dBc purity with suitable DACs, and DAC strobe outputs are provided to simplify DAC timing.


  • Two completely independent NCOs in a single package
  • NCOs in a single package 80 MHz clock guaranteed over full commercial operating conditions
  • 32-bit frequency modulation, 19 milli-Hz @ 60 MHz
  • 3-bit phase modulation
  • Sine signal generation � 12-bit outputs
  • High spectral purity- all spurs less than -75 dBc
  • 68-pin PLCC and CLDCC packages

STEL-1178 Technical Documentation
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