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Digital Modulation & Coding - Application Notes

AP 101 - Introduction to Direct Digital Synthesis
AP 102 - Alias and Spurious Responses in DDS Systems
AP 103 - Numeric Modulation in DDS Systems
AP 104 - HF Radio Synthesizers Using DDS in Interpolated PLLs
AP 105 - Digital ASICs for Spread Spectrum Applications
AP 106 - A High Performance Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Receiver with Custom ASICs
AP 108 - Forward Error Correction Encoding and Decoding
AP 109 - A Switch Controller for Board-level DDS
AP 110 - A Basic Program to Compute the Coefficients for STEL Binary NCO
AP 111 - Generating a Square Wave with a NCO
AP 112 - Doubling the Maximum Clock Speed of a DDS UsingTwo NCOs
AP 113 - 24-bit Parallel Frequency Control with STEL-1177
AP 115 - Digital Implementation of a BPSK/QPSK Demodulator
AP 117 - Digital Downconversion and Demodulation Using the STEL-2130A and STEL-2000A
AP 118 - Setting Up a DDS Without a Control Processor
AP 119 - Reducing the Power Consumption of the STEL-2000A in Burst Mode Applications
AP 120 - Using the STEL-5269 & STEL-2040 Viterbi Decoders with a BPSK Demodulator
AP 121 - Node Synchronization with the STEL-5269, STEL-2030B and STEL-2040
AP 123 - Programming the STEL-2000A Registers

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