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Conversion Chart: STEL to Intel Product Numbers
STEL Model Number Intel Model Number Intel Material
ID Number
STEL-1109/CR S1109CR 828538
STEL-1172B/CL P1172BCL 828550
STEL-1173/CM N1173CM 828553
STEL-1175+125/CM N1175.125CM 828564
STEL-1175+125/CC T1175.125CC 828984
STEL-1176/CM N1176CM 828565
STEL-1177/CM N1177CM 828566
STEL-1177/CC T1177CC 828987
STEL-1178A+80/CM N1178A.80CM 828567
STEL-1178A+80/CC T1178A.80CC 828988
STEL-1179/CM N1179CM 828568
STEL-1375A+80/CE 1375A80CE 828902
STEL-1376/CE 1376CE 828904
STEL-2030C/CM N2030CCM 828650
STEL-2040B/CM N2040BCM 828651
STEL-2060C/CR S2060CCR 828656
STEL-2105/CM N2105CM 828541
STEL-2176/CR SB2176CR 828543
STEL-5269RH/MD 5269RHMD 829418
STEL-9244/CE 9244CE 828855
STEL-9257/CE 9257CE 828857
STEL-2000A+45/CR S2000A.45CR 828694

1) Availability may be limited to stock on hand

2) STel Model Number Suffix Code:

  First character following the "/" = Process Flow
C = Commercial (MIL flow parts are no longer offered)

  Second character following the "/" = Package Type
C = Ceramic Leaded Chip Carrier (J-Bend)
M = Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (J-Bend)
L = Plastic Dual In-Line Pacage
R = Plastic Quad Flat Pack (Gull Wing)
E = Board Level Assembly

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