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Spread Spectrum
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Product Overviews
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Product Overviews
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Digital Modulation & Coding - Datasheets

Spread Spectrum
STEL-2000A Digital Fast Acquisition Burst Processor Datasheet
Frequency Synthesis
STEL-1172B 50 MHz, 32-bit, Quadrature NCO Datasheet
STEL-1173 50 MHz, 48-bit, High Resolution NCO Datasheet
STEL-1173RH RAD HARD 50 MHz, 32-bit, Quadrature NCO Datasheet
STEL-1174 50 MHz, 16-bit, Low Cost NCO Datasheet
STEL-1175+125 125 MHz, 32-bit CMOS MNCO Datasheet
STEL-1176 80 MHz, BCD Decimal NCO Datasheet
STEL-1177 60 MHz, 32-bit, PM, FM, & Quadrature NCO Datasheet
STEL-1178A 80 MHz, Dual 32-bit, MNCO Datasheet
STEL-1179 25 MHz, 24-bit, CMOS, MNCO Datasheet
STEL-1375A+80 80 MHz, 32-Bit Resolution Modulated Digital Direct Frequency Synthesizer Datasheet
STEL-1376 Miniature Assembly based on STEL-1176 Datasheet
Forward Error Correction
STEL-2030C 9 Mbps Convolutional Encoder/Virterbi Decoder Datasheet
STEL-2040A 256 Kbps Convolutional Encoder/Viterbo Decoder Datasheet
STEL-2060 45 Mbps Virterbi Decoder Datasheet
STEL-5269+512 512 Kbps Convolutional Encoder/Virterbi Decoder Datasheet

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