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Dynamic Video Memory Technology
More efficient use of memory for graphics-intensive applications

The Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT) ensures the most efficient use of system memory, allowing up to 64MB of system memory to be shared among OS, applications, and graphics display.

The DVMT uses the memory for graphics-intensive applications, then frees memory for use elsewhere in the system. BIOS dedicate up to 8MB of system memory for graphics display, and the Intel´┐Ż graphics driver submits a request for increased memory to the OS when the application requests more memory. The OS can grant the request based on available system memory, and the memory is returned to the OS when the application no longer requires the additional support.

The DVMT mitigates the need for dedicated, stand-alone memory for graphics, and ensures the most efficient system memory usage for optimal graphics and system performance.

(Dynamic Video Memory Technology white paper)


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