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Embedded Intel(R) Architecture
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Hardware Building Blocks
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Storage Building Blocks
Embedded Intel® Architecture is focused on meeting storage OEM's requirements by delivering high performance, scalable, and reliable microprocessors and chipsets. Intel platforms range from low voltage solutions for thermally sensitive, space constrained environments to high performance Intel® Xeon" processors. These building blocks combined with reference designs, and un-paralleled product support throughout the product lifecycle make Intel® Architecture an ideal choice for the storage market.

Designs based on embedded Intel Architecture provide storage developers the flexibility and scalability needed to maximize internal development and resource efficiencies to rapidly deploy storage products. With embedded Intel Architecture-based designs and readily available hardware and software building blocks from Intel and a growing list of third-party providers, developers can focus on their core competencies and reduce months off their product design cycle. And, performance headroom can enable OEMs to easily upgrade their designs to meet future performance requirements.

Embedded Intel® Architecture Reference Designs for Communications
Intel provides building blocks that work together in specific configurations to accelerate development of networked storage and other communications applications. With these proof-of-concept designs, including downloadable schematics, developers can quickly develop boards that scale in processor and I/O performance, while focusing their engineering resources on proprietary value-added applications. Intel's growing family of communications reference designs provides these key benefits:
  • End-product ready designs
  • Enables faster implementation of leading edge technologies
  • Shortens platform selection and design cycle
  • Saves significant platform design time
  • Schematics available for download
Intel and The Transition to Networked Storage
Increasing Internet content, rich e-mail, and e-Commerce are driving rapid growth in the volume of data moving across public an enterprise IP networks. The demand for affordable and accessible storage, available anywhere on the network, requires a new mix of complementary technologies and building blocks. Embedded Intel Architecture can play a role.

Storage Case Studies

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