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Networking and Communications Building Blocks

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Intel(R) Ethernet Components
Ethernet End-to-End

Intel® Carrier Class Ethernet
Ethernet Controllers
Ethernet PHYs/ Transceivers
Ethernet Repeaters
Ethernet Switching Components
Innovations in Ethernet White Paper
(PDF, 296KB)
Ethernet Leadership at IDF
Intel(R) Solutions
Ethernet network designs using Intel® building blocks
Basic Enterprise Router
Ethernet Enterprise Switch
Embedded IA Reference Designs
Home & Business
Intel® PRO Network Products for Desktop, Servers, Mobile & Wireless
AnyPoint" Wireless Home Network
What's New
Alcatel Selects Intel® Media Switch for OmniSwitch Stackable Product Line
Intel® IXF1110 10-Port Gigabit Ethernet MAC
Intel® IXF1010 10-Port 100/1000Mbps Ethernet MAC
Jedai* Selects Intel® Media Switch Silicon for New Access Switch Router
Fujitsu Selects Intel® Media Switch Silicon for Newest Ethernet Switch
Two New Gigabit Ethernet Controllers
Learn more about Intel's new SPI4-2 MACs.

Gigabit Ethernet Conference Materials
Access session presentations from the Intel track at the Gigabit Ethernet Conference, Spring 2002.

Innovations and Transitions in Ethernet
Learn how four critical transitions in Ethernet technology are helping to reduce costs and improve performance.

The Comprehensive Intel® Ethernet Line
Intel continues to drive innovation in Ethernet technology by delivering high-performance, low-cost Ethernet solutions featuring reduced power consumption and extended interoperability. Building on its leadership in Ethernet LAN connectivity, Intel is expanding its Ethernet expertise and technology advancements into other areas including Gigabit Ethernet in desktops and servers, 802.11 wireless Ethernet in the enterprise and home, iSCSI and 10 Gigabit Ethernet emergence in the MAN.

The Intel® portfolio includes Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet controllers, physical layer transceivers and multi-port repeaters, as well as layer 2/3/4 switching/routing products.

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